Trussell – Released on 14K bond

It has been reported that Terry was finally released on a $14K bond, $1000 per indictment, late afternoon October 30.

From the reports of the people present in the court, it appears that Terry had planned to appear in court with a lawyer, who failed to appear. Rather than have the hearing delayed further, the presiding Judge allowed Terry to proceed with his own defense.

Terry argued that he is not a flight risk, is not a career criminal, and is not violent. The prosecutor argued that Terry should be given no bond because of his disrespect for the Court and laws for failing to have appeared.

The issue of ankle bracelets was discussed but Dixie County lacks such devices.

It sounds as if Terry has dropped foolish ‘sovereign citizen’ like attempts to argue, which had led to his arrest at his arraignment where he was prepared to argue that he was a 3rd party representative for Terry Trussell. The judge did not allow Terry to argue such foolishness and when Terry did not announce his personal presence in the court, the court issued a capias for his arrest.

Let’s hope that Terry finds a good lawyer who can get him a plea bargain of no jail time and probation. Terry may wish to pursue a not guilty argument, however he and his friends have done a great job supporting the various elements necessary for a guilty verdict that such a path may be quite risky. Then again, I am not a laywer, so what can I say other than share my personal observations.

Educating Orly

Orly Taitz was back in court after having failed so many times before, to enforce a quarantine against immigrants. The Texas Court and Judge, held another hearing and the Judge destroyed Orly’s remaining hope that she may prevail this time…

The judge observed that Orly likely cannot show standing

Hanen cautioned her that it is “doubtful” that she would have standing to sue based on the Ebola virus.

Regarding her request for a travel ban, Hanen said that everyone needs to keep in mind what is within the province of the court, and what is within the province of the United States Congress and the Executive Branch. Noting that while he might or not agree with a ban, she might have to show him where he would have authority to issue one, and referred to the well-known saying that, “judges are appointed, but they are not anointed.”

Is the judge asking for actual case law?… Poor Orly…

“If you want to go there, you are going to have to show me,” Hanen told Taitz. Taitz told Hanen that he has the right to issue a writ of mandamus to force Burwell to issue an order of quarantine. But Hanen pointed out that the law authorizes, but does not mandate that Burwell issue such orders.

Orly asks a puzzling question… Has she forgotten that she filed a lawsuit?

“Why are we here if you find there is nothing you can do?” Taitz asked Hanen amid his observations. “We are here because you filed a lawsuit,” Hanen told her. “I’ll let you question the witness Dr. Taitz, not me,” he added.


8 hours of wasted resources…

ME – IRS v Messier – Docket

Contrary to claims made here, the docket does not show that the claimed stipulations stand unrebutted. I find it hard to understand why people cannot properly check the docket?

U.S. District Court
District of Maine (Portland)
Case title: USA v. MESSIER et al Date Filed: 06/18/2014

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A confuser rooster –

Reply by Old Rooster16 minutes ago

Amendment V; US Constitution:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,

[NBC: The Fifth Amendment's Grand Jury clause has not been extended to include the States who have the right to determine how to deal with a Grand Jury. In Florida, for example, Grand Juries are rarely used and an indictment by a prosecutor is in most cases sufficient.]

Has there been an indictment or a presentment presented before a Grand Jury in the case again Mr. Terry Trussell? If so – Where is it?

[NBC: Wrong question.]

This, and many other cases, are prime examples of precisely how the criminals claiming to be authorities of government confess that they are in fact criminals them selves.

[NBC: Or some amongst 'we the people' who do not understand our Constitition]

It is now Sunday October 12th, 11:25 am, to the best of this writers knowledge Mr. Terry George Trussell is being held against his will in solitary confinement in a Dixie County Florida jail.

[NBC: Most people are held against there will in Jail]

Also to the best of this writers knowledge no one has lifted a finger to help him. Is there not one individual within the National Liberty Alliance, and the movement to restore the Common Law of this Nation, who is willing and capable of standing in defense of this true American Patriot? This judge and this Florida prosecutor have clearly acted in violation of Article V of the Constitution of The United States of America. And yet not one individual has made an effort to right this injustice and free this man from this unlawful incarceration. If We-The-People are not willing to stand and demand true Justice under this Constitution then all of this movement to restore the Common Law of this land is no more than another line of useless rhetoric.

[NBC: You have got it right. The 'Common Law' restoration movement is full of useless rhetoric, in addition to being wrong about our Constitution, Common Law, and judicial procedure. It's nothing more than a 'knitting club' of like minded people who dream about the 'good old days' and are upset with today's policies.]

The Myth of the Fringed Flag

A persistent, but meritless myth amongst many Sovereign Citizens is that the ‘fringed’ flag in the court rooms indicates that the court is under Admiralty jurisdiction.

The American Legion explains

Fringing of the flag is neither approved of nor prohibited by the Flag Code. The American Legion considers that fringe is used as an honorable enrichment to the Flag. Additionally the courts have deemed without merit and frivolous, lawsuits that contend that the gold fringe adorning the flag conferred Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction.

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