TN – State v Fitzpatrick –

That’s not the end, however, as Irion confirmed that he has already filed an appeal and a new motion to arrest judgment with the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.

“We’re doing everything we can,” Irion said.




FL – State v Trussell – Fifth Amendment

Slim Cognito at the Fogbow has done a partial transcription of Terry’s latest ‘interview’

And Terry keeps speaking in public about the events surrounding his arrest… Does he not understand that anything he says will be used against him? He freely testified against himself to the FDLE and now he is giving them more. Fascinating…

“I was called for jury duty, grand jury.  They asked for a volunteer for foreman.  I raised his hand. . I like to run things.    I was charged with the responsibility of looking out for public corruption, communism, communistic organizations and efforts being made in the county.  A member of the public brought information to me, the Common Core curriculum.  The way it was presented to me, I did initial investigation.  It was my responsibility.  I prepared little package.  I asked the state attorney to convene the grand jury.   He finally agreed.  He set a date.  I asked the SA to do three things, 1. Send out jury instructions.  2. Send a copy of FL supreme court grand jury handbook and 3 send a copy of US constitution, with instructions to read before meeting.  He sent out the rule book from the supreme court and instructions but not the constitution and not suggestion that they read all of this.  They were not prepared.  The SA, contrary to his statutes, and instructions put before the court,  violated a number of statues and he also violated my position as grand jury foreman to the point he committed felonies.  I think about eight was the total.

I quickly called an end to the session to void the grand jury session because he corrupted it.  I quickly put together a 7-page report to the judge.  I outlined everything that occurred.  What I said was his infractions, presented to the judge, who to this day has never responded.  Instead she referred it to the chief judge. I then filed a copy because I was getting very concerned about the way the court was handling things.  I presented a copy to the sheriff.  The clerk of court recorded those documents.  About two hours after that, she pulled them back out.  Now that’s a felony in itself.   That is federal and state violations and the federal is 10 years in prison with fine, state is 3 years in prison with fine. Apparently that’s not considered a crime because nothing’s been done.

I gave a copy of allegations to sheriff.  I have not received any acknowledgement from any of them.  No investigations, no findings, no response at all.  I went several days before I finally got a response out of chief judge but he didn’t respond.  He charged me with failing to reach out to him when I had the problem with the SA and basically it was all my fault.   It was several days before I found out this guy was in existence,  I think he was just trying to cover himself.

I found out some people were putting together the people’s grand jury.  I contacted them.  They said they would consider the case.  I tried it with the people of the statutory grand jury but it was corrupted so I will try it with the People’s Grand Jury formed under common law.  I presented this to them and they issued a true bill on the common core curriculum.  I also presented the case that I had with the SA.  They issued a true bill on that.  I filed that and took them to the sheriff.  I said I’m done.  I did my duty.  I did what I swore to do and this is over.

The next thing I know I’m getting a call from the FDLE.  I was anxious to talk to them and explain o them what was going on.  I expected them to investigate my allegations both on CC and the SA.  Instead they were investigating me.  During a second interrogation, they started it with where did I find statues that gave me the right to form a grand jury and take my own actions,   _____ went right over their heads.  They said, “Well did you have your grand jury sworn in by a judge?”  I said first of all it’s not my grand jury, it’s the people’s grand jury.  I didn’t force the people to come together and d this.  They did it because they were worried about the way things were handled.  I said, No, a judge didn’t swear them in.  They were sworn in by the clerk.  I think this grand jury even had a sgt. at arms.  They can do pretty much anything they want because they’re the people. . This is the peoples grand jury.”

Now I’m the subject of the investigation.  I answered all of their questions.  I showed them the law.  I’m not talking statutes.  I’m talking law, according to the supreme court. Several of the supreme court justices have rendered opinions about common law grand juries or grand juries under the common law.  This is the interpretation of the constitution and the Magna Carta.  Their parting comment was “We are going to have to find something to charge with Mr. Trussell with.  We’re going to take all this stuff back to our team of attorneys, with the FDLE.”  They are going to have to search through the statutes to see what fits and give it to a special judge and have him render a judgements on it.  For abut 3-4 weeks nothing happened.  I thought they realized I did everything according to the constitution and the law.  I was very careful to follow the instructions of the court and the supreme court handbook,  They came back  3-4 weeks later.  Sep. 2, I heard some noise outside my gate.  There were two sheriff deputies with body armor on.  They said they had a warrant for my arrest, impersonating public official, simulating legal process, intimidating public officials under color of law.   They made a count for each person intimidated.  They threatening to put me in prison for 70 years, 3 charges, 14 counts.

One of the things I challenged them to explain was the nature and cause of the charges.  How did I impersonate the public official.  They haven’t named that yet.  There is no criminal complaint involved in this case.  There is no indictment by a SA.  There is no presentment by a grand jury as required.  [NBC: No presentment or indictment required as this is not a capital case] The warrant was not even signed but had a sheriff deputy’s name printed where the judge’s name should be.  No valid warrant.  When they finally sent the warrant through, the way it’s written its not a complete sentence.  There is no verb.  It is nonsensical.  The order doesn’t make any sense.  Its a contradictory sentence.  Everything about this nobody can figure out.  The information that was filed came three weeks after my arrest and the information is supposed to be in place before the warrant is even signed. [NBC: That is incorrect as well. All that needs to be in place if a probable cause warrant.] Plus they still don’t have the statement of nature and cause of charges.  They refuse to give them to me.

At my first arraignment, people were filing into the courtroom and he started the proceeding before people were _____.  He called my named three times.  I said, “I’m here.”   I had bailiffs standing behind me.  I thought they would help me get my information to the judge.  I know I’m not supposed to go past the bar (the gate) until I’m invited.  I never heard the judge’s invitation because of all the noise.  Then said the judge said “He’s not here. ________.”   At this time, while the judge is walking out of the courtroom, the bailiff comes over, puts me in handcuffs and put me in jail.  I stayed for 21 days before I could get another arraignment.  I was found guilty and punished.

Then when I got to the next arraignment, I was wearing my jail outfit.  I was in shackles and chains and led to the podium. While I was standing there I appealed to the judge for a bond.  I mentioned the failure to appear.  I was under the distinct impression I was in the courtroom at the time.  I didn’t think the court had convened, too many things going on.   You can tell the chaos in the videos.  I didn’t understand what he was saying.  I have a little bit of a hearing problem.  I also mentioned the fact that he was not being very clear in the way he was speaking.  He conceded he had seen me back there but did not know who I was.  I raised my hand and stood up so he had to have seen me.  So he admitted seeing me but said “I didn’t know who you were.”  Why didn’t you ask?  Why didn’t you do something?  You saw a man standing there raising his hand.  Anyhow, that was his excuse for throwing me in jail.  He withdrew the charge of FTA of which I served 21 days in jail.  I asked for a bond.  I was already on a 5k bond.  He raised my bond to 14k.  Now I had not failed to appear.  I had done everything under the original bond, yet he almost tripled my bond.  He said I should get an attorney.  I have been talking to attorneys.  I’m just devastated _____counselors.  _____ it’s just like, I don’t know what planet they’re on.  They think if I’ve been charged, I’m guilty.  All they can do is negotiate down the charges. [NBC: that’s because you have talked about your ‘adventures’ to law enforcement and the public, making the case quite straightforward’] Nobody suggested that I didn’t do anything to violate any statutes so they are not really looking at defending me and finding me not guilty.  They’re just trying to narrow it down and I’ll only serve 10-15 years in prison.  _____

They’re spending an awful lot of money and they’ll spend an awful lot more taking me to trial.  I don’t know what to do.  I have a couple (of attorneys) who are supposed to get back to me but I haven’t heard from them and I may not.  I have put in a motion to represent myself as my natural self, as is my right, sui juris [NBC: Forgetting Florida Statutes again].  Once the judge gets this, which should be sometime this week, then he’ll have to establish a hearing where he can evaluate my competency to evaluate myself.  Even with that _____ transcript and video recording of the proceeding, even if he does qualify me to represent myself, I will have limited constitutional rights in his court.   My constitutional rights are given to me by God and now you outrank god? We’ve got a little arrogance going on here. [NBC: Yes, but by whom?]

The results of that conversations sent me to do some research.  I do have limited constitutional rights in his court.  In fact, I have no constitutional rights in his court.  All my rights are granted by statutes.   He is in a court, not of common of law and the constitution.. [NBC: Common law jurisdiction and statutory law. Since most criminal law is now statutory, he is the judge of a constitutional court]  I can only be tried in a constitutional court.  He is in a court of admiralty law signified by the fringed flag in the courtroom [NBC: Such foolishness].  That is also established by the black robe is he wearing.  I have done the research.  I have done the history of the law.  The _____ represents the railing of a ship.  When I went to the other side, I was on his ship, under his flag.  Under admiralty law, military law.  Under military law, you are guilty until proven innocent.  Only under the constitution are we innocent until proven guilty.  He was correct when he said I’d have limited constitutional rights.  The whole court will be run as a court martial.  I haven’t figured out how they justify having a jury at a court martial so they do a little bit of dance on that part of it.  I understand so much more about how our court system works in this country.  The fact that I was taken to jail the first time they could have given me a summons and required me to appear in court, which would not have required me to go to jail, lose liberty or pay for a bond.  Instead of that they chose to arrest me.  _____ they sent two armed deputies to arrest me.  They went overboard from that standpoint from a constitutional standpoint.   But remember they operate in a different court system than we think they do. [NBC: And as long as you believe that the Court is going to protect you from yourself and appoint you a lawyer.]

Paul Guthrie – Still a guest of the UK

His ‘simple case’ sounds like a tortured argument that since the courts did not accept his arguments, that he therefor should be granted asylum.


1) Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution establishes that only a “natural born” Citizen may qualify for the Office of President.

2) The term “natural born” is a legal term adjective phrase qualifier which means the legal opposite to “adopted”. The “natural born” are the offspring of citizen fathers, and the “adopted” citizens are the offspring of non-citizen fathers, who are born as “subjects” of the positive law jurisdiction of the state (federal government), and are dependent upon the positive law plenary authority of the state (lower case meaning federal government) for a bestowed “legal right” to be a citizen. They do not qualify for the Office of President because only a “natural born” citizen can qualify because my country is not a monarchy form of government that is authorized to bestow an offspring with a “legal right” to be “President”, bestowed upon the offspring at the time of birth.

3) Obama is an “adopted” citizen due to being the offspring of a non-citizen father. Thus the “United States”, as defined by both the political laws of nature, and by the Constitution, no longer exists since 2008/9, thus there is no lawful jurisdiction for Paul Guthrie to return to until Obama is removed and replaced with a legitimate “natural born” Citizen of the United States. Thus as a matter of LAW, Paul Aaron Guthrie is legally a refugee from the former Constitutional Republic of the United States, known as “The United States of America”.

Paul Guthrie

Sunday Oct 26, 2014

But he is hopeful that the UK will make its decision anytime soon

Please find several Word documents attached. These are just some of the documents that I faxed to the Home Office as part of my asylum case along with the correct definition and U.S. codes that define a natural born Citizen to be the claimed and reported offspring of a citizen father. These documents will give you some idea as to why the Home Office is now caught in a trick and crisis.
I love the projecting… The Home Office is at best amused
Today is Sunday, November 2, 2014 and still no decision from the Home Office. I don’t expect a decision until Tuesday or Wednesday. After that time, if we have not received a decision one way or another, then my patience will have run out and then I will have to call on you to begin turning up the heat, and others must call for my release from what is a criminal confinement and an act of war against the political rights of natural born Citizens of the United States.
Well, you applied for asylum, and you are held pending your review. Act of war… Oh my… I am told the Home Office is shaking in its boots. I predict another loss for our ‘Jedi’.
At least the British understand the meaning of Natural Born to refer to birth on soil 🙂

The NLA and reading the calendar

Unvailing? Monday 11/6/14?… Of course the Quo Warranto will have no relevance as they will refuse to pay the filing fees, have filed in the wrong courts, and they lack direct interest in the office.

The media will ignore them (best case scenario) or laugh at them…



We are gearing up for a massive media campaign for the unvailing of the Quo Warranto at this Monday’s meeting, join us, now is the time for all who want to save our Republic to get active.