“Common Law” Knitting Club files embarrassing mandamus

Breaking News October 29, 2014 Unified Common Law Grand Jury files mandamus.pdf  ordering Federal Judge to show cause why he did obey the Law of the Land 


Due-process of law demands that “no person shall be held to answer for a capital crime” unless on an indictment of a Grand Jury.11 Terry George Trussell has not been indicted by a Grand Jury and therefore cannot be held to answer for a capital crime.

Do they even understand what a ‘capital crime’ is and why simulating legal service is not a capital crime. Such amateurs. Do they also fail to understand that the US 5th Amendment Grand Jury clause has not been incorporated, leaving it to the sovereignty of the State to decide how/if to implement such a statutory creature? Are they unaware that in Florida, the Grand Jury is required only in very limited circumstances?

In other news, the NLA is planning to send a Quo Warranto to all Federal courts and judges, wasting good resources and money since a Quo Warranto against a Federal Officer can only be filed in DC, and then only by the prosecutor or an interested party. The NLA is neither and therefor, the Quo Warranto will be simply ignored as the NLA is too cheap to pay for the filing fees.

As to the Supreme Court, they will just smile at the follies set in motion by dicta of Scalia in US v Williams, a ruling in which the Court weakened the Grand Jury by ruling that a prosecutor cannot be told to share exculpatory evidence with the Grand Jury.