OR – The incredible adventures of Ed, Chris and Laura

Three clueless sovereign citizens.

Driving without a license etc and then after being told to no further drive the car, still drive the car home…

Things go downhill from there.

Their neighbor Ed is a fascinating character who appears to have ‘educated’ Ed and Laura as to how to get to jail quickest.


14 thoughts on “OR – The incredible adventures of Ed, Chris and Laura

  1. Eh? It’s right now – it was showing the vid from the County meeting when I first looked. Can you delete my comments ?

  2. Since this is a year old, do we know what happened? Did LE throw in a few extras like failure to stop and child endangerment? Have child welfare been to visit to ask why she didn’t attend to the child’s needs but was too busy talking BS to LE and filming them?
    And be more careful next time you video stuff, you said “driving” at least once when you meant “travelling”.

  3. I am looking for more information. The child remains with them so that answers that question. They are continuing to face issues around broken brake lights, no license, no insurance etc and most recently Laura was served with papers and Ed was arrested for ‘bumping into an officer’.

    Other than that…

  4. “Ed was arrested for ‘bumping into an officer’.”
    I surprised he didn’t assault the officer’s boot with his groin – not that it would have made much difference to Ed.

  5. Ed’s health is extremely poor. He had a heart attack during one of his previous incarcerations, he has failing kidneys, a broken back and countless disks that have popped.

    A sovereign on public assistance?…

  6. Guffaw! These Sovcits truly are irredeemably stupid! They’re the people I’d have put on The B-Ark of the Golgafrincham Ark Fleet. Utterly useless excuses for human beings, that need to be fired off into space, in some random direction.

  7. Laura’s currently posting Chris’ trial (on another matter) on her YouTube channel. It makes an interesting listen.

    BTW, what is the relationship between Laura and Ed, besides neighbors? Siblings?

  8. What will we do for YouTube amusement when Ed, Laura and Chris are all sent upriver? Sell your popcorn futures now!

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