Paul Guthrie – Still a guest of the UK

His ‘simple case’ sounds like a tortured argument that since the courts did not accept his arguments, that he therefor should be granted asylum.


1) Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution establishes that only a “natural born” Citizen may qualify for the Office of President.

2) The term “natural born” is a legal term adjective phrase qualifier which means the legal opposite to “adopted”. The “natural born” are the offspring of citizen fathers, and the “adopted” citizens are the offspring of non-citizen fathers, who are born as “subjects” of the positive law jurisdiction of the state (federal government), and are dependent upon the positive law plenary authority of the state (lower case meaning federal government) for a bestowed “legal right” to be a citizen. They do not qualify for the Office of President because only a “natural born” citizen can qualify because my country is not a monarchy form of government that is authorized to bestow an offspring with a “legal right” to be “President”, bestowed upon the offspring at the time of birth.

3) Obama is an “adopted” citizen due to being the offspring of a non-citizen father. Thus the “United States”, as defined by both the political laws of nature, and by the Constitution, no longer exists since 2008/9, thus there is no lawful jurisdiction for Paul Guthrie to return to until Obama is removed and replaced with a legitimate “natural born” Citizen of the United States. Thus as a matter of LAW, Paul Aaron Guthrie is legally a refugee from the former Constitutional Republic of the United States, known as “The United States of America”.

Paul Guthrie

Sunday Oct 26, 2014

But he is hopeful that the UK will make its decision anytime soon

Please find several Word documents attached. These are just some of the documents that I faxed to the Home Office as part of my asylum case along with the correct definition and U.S. codes that define a natural born Citizen to be the claimed and reported offspring of a citizen father. These documents will give you some idea as to why the Home Office is now caught in a trick and crisis.
I love the projecting… The Home Office is at best amused
Today is Sunday, November 2, 2014 and still no decision from the Home Office. I don’t expect a decision until Tuesday or Wednesday. After that time, if we have not received a decision one way or another, then my patience will have run out and then I will have to call on you to begin turning up the heat, and others must call for my release from what is a criminal confinement and an act of war against the political rights of natural born Citizens of the United States.
Well, you applied for asylum, and you are held pending your review. Act of war… Oh my… I am told the Home Office is shaking in its boots. I predict another loss for our ‘Jedi’.
At least the British understand the meaning of Natural Born to refer to birth on soil 🙂

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