NLA – Emergency Meeting Florida

What are they up to this time? More knitting patterns filed with courts?

“EMERGENCY National Liberty Alliance FLORIDA MEETING – TUESDAY 11-18-14 at 8PM EST Call-in number (605) 562-3140 – access code 385698, PRESS *6 TO MUTE/UNMUTE Every Floridian needs to attend this meeting of grave importance, any Florida leaders with conflicting meetings are to cancel and attend this mandatory Florida meeting and advise their attendees to attend this meeting. Thank You.

Meeting of grave importance. I guess a $0.02 stamped letter was returned?…



3 thoughts on “NLA – Emergency Meeting Florida

  1. Yes, there was a little power struggle. Daresh gave the leadership in Florida a choice 1) resign 2) not resign. And when they remained silent, John took this to mean that the would resign.

    During the call, Roger and Hagan sent out emails that they had not resigned but Daresh moved forward with trying to set up a new Florida leadership.

    Daresh also stated that the NLA is not going to involve itself in the actual Common Law Grand Jury. He must understand that such would be too risky an endeavor as state laws exist that may be violated by the CLGJ’s foolishness.

    The whole meeting was one of chaos and disorganization. But rest assured once the Quo Warranto takes effect, and the next brief which will be so much more powerful, everything will fall in place.

    The Quo Warranto has been a failure and any followup briefs are not going to have any effect.

    Most recently, messages suggest that Roger and Hagan were voted back into power by Florida, so we shall see who is in control…

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