FL – State v Trussell – Sovcit filings

Terry has decided to file some documents, even though it is not clear if he has been qualified to proceed ‘pro se’ or is filing through a lawyer. A real lawyer would not likely have been willing to file these documents.

ACTION DATE                            TEXT
11/25/2014                      OBJECTION WITH MOTION TO DISMISS
11/25/2014                      DEMAND FOR QUALIFYING DOCUMENTS-MEGGS
11/25/2014                      OBJECTION-NOT GUILTY PLEA

Terry desperately needs a lawyer in order to explain to him the rules. The Judge is protecting Terry’s due process rights to be represented by a lawyer, until a proper hearing has been performed. Terry should have filed a motion for a ‘Faretta’ hearing to determine if he is allowed to be ‘pro se’.

The demand for bill of particulars etc, will be given to Terry once he 1) has a lawyer 2) or he has been allowed to proceed ‘pro se’.

The object to the ‘not guilty’ plea is a strange request. Terry may be objecting to the Judge having entered a ‘not guilty’ plea during the arraignment, since Terry failed to appear with a lawyer and was not properly vetted to proceed ‘pro se’. The Judge again, is protecting Terry’s due process rights.

The demands for qualifying documents is pure ‘sovCit’ and likely involves a request for oath and bond. What a waste of the Court’s time.

As to the ‘object with motion to dismiss’, that motion will not be considered until Terry’s Faretta hearing has been concluded, and it may have to be refiled by a real lawyer, who may not be willing to file it, as it may very well be another SovCit filing.

For a more complete explanation, read Paul Lentz’s posting that the Fogbow


FL – State v Trussell – Sui Juris

What a fool… All he needs to do is sign the darn document and go through the judge’s evaluation as to whether or not he is fit to represent himself. ‘Demand to present himself sui juris’ is guaranteed to result in him having a fool as a lawyer, but the judge may allow him to proceed as such.

A simple ‘motion’ is so much better than a demand… Learn how to work properly in the court system, or the judge will never going to give Terry the opportunity to (re)present himself.


Terry Trussell – Changing ‘our Republic’

Terry is talking to his supporters:

I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for, but I remain convinced this will all work out for the best. We have before us the best possible opportunity to peacefully make meaningful change for our Republic. If we don’t take full advantage of it, our destruction will fall upon our shoulders.

Well, actually, it will fail on your shoulders.

Terry Trussell – Confused Rooster

On the ‘Patriots for America’ website, a Rooster ‘argues

Col. Harry Riley is right, This is a fight that freedom can NOT afford to loose.

Well, then freedom is in a lot of trouble. Of course, since the premise is flawed, I can safely ignore the conclusion. Pfew…

The next chapter in this battle for Terry Trussell is currently scheduled for November 6th when the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meets to decide and announce their decission on whether or not to grant a room in the court house for the purpose of convening a Citizen’s Grand Jury.

The County Board of Commissioner’s decision has no impact as to the legal or rather unlegal nature of the Common Law Grand Jury. Since it appears that the judiciary is in control over access to its facilities, I doubt that anything will happen here.

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FL – Terry Trussell Appeal 1D14-5024 – DCA First Circuit

Someone has filed an ‘Appeal‘ with the Florida District Court of Appeal, First Circuit. It is not clear what order is being appealed and why the Court of Appeals has any relevance at this time in the proceedings. Terry just received his arraignment… It is also not clear who filed this motion. Was it Terry?

Case Number:  1D14-5024

Final Criminal Other Notice from Dixie County
Terry George Trussell  vs.  State of Florida

Lower Tribunal Case(s): 14-201 CF

The docket shows a myriad of fails, starting with a failure to outline what order was appealed

Upon the Court’s own motion, appellant is directed to file, within 10 days from the date of this order, an amended notice of appeal which states the date of rendition of the order to be reviewed. A copy of Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.020(i), which defines “rendition,” and a sample form of an amended notice of appeal are attached to appellant’s copy of this order. The amended notice of appeal shall be filed with this Court, and not the lower tribunal. The failure of appellant to timely comply with this order could result in the imposition of sanctions, including dismissal of the appeal without further opportunity to be heard. Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.410.

Time for the appellant to educate himself with the proper rules..

Upon the Court’s own motion, appellant is directed to file within 10 days from the date of this order an amended notice of appeal which contains a proper certificate of service showing service on Pamela Jo Bondi, Attorney General.  A copy of Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.420, which defines certificate of service, and a sample form for an amended notice of appeal are attached to appellant’s copy of this order.

And follow them

Upon the Court’s own motion, appellant is directed to file within 10 days from the date of this order an amended notice of appeal which contains an original signature OF APPELLANT as required by Florida Rules of Judicial Administration 2.515(a) – (c).

And pay or file the proper forms

Appellant has filed a notice of appeal in the lower tribunal without the entry of an order of insolvency or deposit of the statutory filing fee.  Accordingly, appellant shall, within 30 days from the date of this order, either file a certified copy of the lower tribunal’s order of insolvency for appellate purposes as required by Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.430 or pay to the clerk of this Court the sum of $300.00 as the appellate filing fee required by the applicable rule of procedure and Section 35.22(3), Florida Statutes (2013).

This appeal shall not proceed until the order of insolvency is filed or the fee is paid.  If at the end of 30 days appellant has neither paid the fee nor secured an order of indigency, appellant shall show cause within 10 days thereafter why this appeal should not be dismissed.  Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.410.

Terry Trussell – Bond to be issued for release – trial set for Feb 2015

Terry Trussell: News Update, Court hearing Oct 30th, 2014; 2:00pm ET.
From the Dixie County Clerk of Courts;

“A plea of Not-Guilty was entered on Terry Trussell’s behalf”, Trial date was set for Feb 9th, 2015.
Terry will be released pending bond, (amount not yet set and generally takes two days to set.).
The clerk indicated that Terry will be appointed an attorney if he does not hire his own.
Presiding judge was Judge Hankinson.

A call has been placed to the Dixie County Sheriff but information is not available at this time.

Terry and his friends

Now that Terry finally has filed a standard Habeas Corpus, his friends have decided to ‘up the ante’ and send a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ ‘ordering’ the court to take certain action.

10/29/2014 6  FIRST AMENDED PETITION for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed by TERRY GEORGE TRUSSELL. (No service copies) (jws) (Entered: 10/29/2014)

10/29/2014   ACTION REQUIRED BY MAGISTRATE JUDGE: Chambers of MAGISTRATE JUDGE GARY R JONES notified that action is needed Re: Petitioner’s 6 First Amended Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus. (No service copies) (jws) (Entered: 10/29/2014)

Is Terry set up to be the ‘fall guy’ for the follies of the so called ‘common law grand jury’?

Since the Common Law Grand Jury lacks any jurisdiction or statutory foundation, the judge will simply ignore the document. Let’s hope the judge will explore the option to prosecute the offenders for similar charges to those of Terry’s.

YOU ARE NOW HEREBY ORDERED to Show Cause why you failed to act and do your sworn duty to dispose of the matter, while one of the People remains in prison without due process of law protected under the Fifth Amendment.

Source: “Mandamus

Such a funny knitting club pretending that they hold any authority over the court. Their failures will continue to result in the courts ignoring these ‘petitions for redress’.