Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo

Reality check has challenged Mr Zullo

What will Zullo do? He can chose to show how a ‘criminal investigation’ deals with information that contradicts its findings, or he can ignore it.

Either way, Zullo is faced with quite an unfortunate situation of his own creation.

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The Cold Case Posse – Failed conclusions March 1 2012

— Or the end of a ‘god of the gaps’ argument —

The Cold Case Posse released the following document on March 1, 2012 as a preliminary release of their findings. In it, its experts outline how they reached a conclusion of “forgery”. Note that they never really identified a ‘forger’ other than by claiming that regular scanning processes would not create specific artifacts.

Zullo appears to have understood this when he issued a challenge to show how a simple workflow would indeed create artifacts similar to the ones found in the WH Long Form Birth Certificate.

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John’s experiment

john: I did at Staples on the big Xerox Color Copier (Not WorkCenter (sic) however). The result was not even remotely like Obama’s birth certificate

So you did it on a non WorkCentre Xerox and the relevance of this is exactly what? This is like the drunk looking for his keys under the street light because it was too dark to see where he had dropped them…

Update: See John’s file at Dr Conspiracy where he created a 13 Mb file created on a Xerox Color 550 multi-function copier/printer. He did not select the email scan option however.

Let’s hope John does better next time. But at least he is trying. Kudos to John. The image is 300 ppi single layer flatedecode

News Coverage

Dr Conspiracy has another hilarious posting about the competence of the Cold Case Posse and points us to some of the traction the Xerox forgery workflow is getting.

Even John understands how damaging this is to the Cold Case Posse. And I am glad that I have managed to get the Cold Case Posse to finally take their work a bit more seriously than having some people stare at an Adobe Illustrator window.

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