Over the years I have documented many myths about President Obama and his birth certificate. While I have addressed the claims about the Long Form Birth Certificate PDF, people are still insisting that there are evidences of fraud in the original ‘copy of the long form birth certificate’ or even the one in the vaults of the DOH of HI.

  1. Debunked The Long Form Birth Certificate shows a bend in the top left corner.

7 thoughts on “Myths

  1. Barry’s ORIGINAL birth certificate was found in Great Britain and it is from Keyna, Africa where he was BORN as his grandmother stated. Kenya was a Great Briitain colony. It’s HIS real (unforged) B.C. Everyone in Kenya knows he was born THERE but now they have the REAL BC found in GB archives, not Kenya or Hawaii. Too bad that NBC is as big a fraud as Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I believe you need a proofreader as you stated: Over the years I have document many myths…. incorrect by the incompetent NBC. You can’t use proper English as a TEAM but you can debunk a forgery that not one expert has claimed to be real???? BWWAAAAHHHHAAAAA!!!!!

    [NBC: No such certificate has ever been found, let alone presented… The only relevant document has been presented to us by the Department of Health of the State of Hawaii… Poor William…]

  2. Aren’t you the one that believed OJ to be innocent?? How is that working out for you since OJ has admitted he DID kill the people that he was acquitted of killing. Johnny Cochran KNEW he was guilty and told a group of us paralegals years ago that he instructed OJ to bang his hand on the jailhouse wall to make it swell so the Glove would not fit….. must acquit…… BWWAAAHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [NBC: Nice strawman… But no I have always believed OJ to be guilty… But he had a great legal team and the defense sucked.]

  3. William — pardon me, but could you possibly provide a source for your claim that “Barry’s original birth certificate was found in Great Britain and it is from Kenya.” Like the an image, or a news report? Or anything? Because we are a bit skeptical, you know.

  4. W4, I seem to recall some story/rumor of a birther finding some mention of Barack Obama having a son born in Kenya, which, he did, just not the President. The variant was that a Barack Obama was born in Kenya, which again, there was but not the President.

    On an interesting note, some Birthers have tried to claim that Barack was born in 1958, not 1961. Barack Obama, Sr. did have a son born in Kenya in 1958, but that was Malick. I wonder how many Birthers took a correct fact and mixed it all up, as is usual for them.

  5. No such support exists. Poor birthers are sooo gullible and their ‘rationale’ is most often based on innuendo and fear.

  6. The liar Obama said that’s his birth certificate so it must be. Talk about being gullible. I bet you actually believe he’s a Christian too.

  7. Nope, the Department of Health of Hawaii confirmed that President Obama was born in Hawaii and certified and verified the short and long form certificates indicating this.
    This has nothing to do with gullibility but all to do with the rules of our Nation under our Constitution.

    As to him being a Christian, that is not something for me to judge, nor is it really relevant. He may very well be a Muslim, or whatever else, such is totally irrelevant.

    Speaking of gullible…

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