DC – US v Class – Hudes pops by

The Rod Class DC Gun Case, 1:13-cr-00253-RWR, took an unexpected turn the morning of November 6.
Former World Bank Lawyer Karen Hudes showed up at his hearing, along with a former FBI Agent, and
several members of the AIB Radio Research Network.
Wow, all this for Rod?
Hudes, and those in attendance, were so outraged at the actions taken against the popular Legal Scholar
that Hudes intends to file an Amicus Curae into the case to demand that the Judge set bail for the 60-
year old Class. Hudes, and other concerned networks, want all interested parties to attend the Status
Conference set for (Mon) 11/10/2014 at 11:30 AM in Courtroom 9 before Chief Judge
Richard W. Roberts.
Well, with friends like them, what could possibly go wrong… Amicus Curae (sic) filing? Really… Funny people