News Reports on Walt’s conviction

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Judge John Blackwell on Tuesday sentenced Fitzpatrick to three years in prison, with the opportunity for release after he serves 30 percent, or a little under a year. The sentence on each of the McMinn convictions will run concurrently, but consecutive to another conviction in Monroe County associated with a previous case.

Blackwell called Fitzpatrick a “moral coward” and his accusations of criminal wrongdoing among local judicial officials and the president “ludricrous.”


More than 25 people were in the gallery Tuesday to show their support for Fitzpatrick and they broke out into applause as Fitzpatrick was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs, amid a couple of cries of “thank you.”

Quite the support…

U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Walter Frances Fitzpatrick III (retired) was indicted in March on charges of aggravated perjury, harassment, stalking and extortion and convicted by a jury back in June on the perjury and extortion charges. Court officials tell NewsChannel9 the stalking charge was dismissed prior to trial and jurors found Fitzpatrick not guilty of harassment.

Walt gets 3 years

“Boots on the ground” report that:

Walt got 3 years state prison, taken into custody, Judge Blackwood was furious, used the word “ludicrous” many times to describe Walt’s conduct, his thinking, Irion’s arguments. A district attorney and a probation officer talked to me. Both are friends of the Fogbow. More later, gotta hit the road to be home in time to do RC Radio.

Justice has run its course.

One of his supporters had bragged that:

My name is Field McConnell and I expect that Tennessee will address issues with Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood and vacate any improper judgement(s) against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick. If the State of Tennessee and the County of McMinn continue on this corrupt course I will be filing charges in U S District Court, District of North Dakota against Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 for wrongful death, 2000+ counts, in period 20 January, 2009 to the removal from office of Barry Soetoro. I will not be filing those charges if Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is rightfully exonerated.

Expect another legal filing and failure…

Knitting club sneaks into empty court room, nothing happens

Sounds like a bad joke, does it not, but that is what apparently happened in Dixie County. Members of the “Common Law Grand Jury Knitting Club”, sneaked into the court room, selected 25 jurors and delivered two indictments which of course won’t go anywhere as the DA is under no legal obligation to accept the musings of a handful of disgruntled ‘knitters’.

Fascinating why some believe that sneaking into a courtroom somehow turns their follies into something ‘magical’. Wishful thinking is running wild amongst these poor souls.


Anyone noticed?

Another non-event

Tomorrow, August 14th at 9am, United States history will be made in Dixie County, Florida.  But not just US history, but human history too.

The day after tomorrow will reach into your personal life in many, many beneficial ways, such as, Common Core—gone; Agenda 21—gone; Codex Alimentarius—gone; Federal Reserve—gone; Obama—gone; oppression—gone; in general, corruption will be rooted out and freedom will reign.

The dreams of the knitting club continue… Nothing much else…

Educating the Confused – P&E and the facts

The P&E continues to understand the Tennessee law

At the state’s convenience, the grand jury foreman has been referred to both as a juror and as an administrator. State law describes a grand jury as consisting of 13 randomly-selected citizens of the county who are eligible to serve.

He is both a member of the Grand Jury and an administrator but unlike the other 12 jurors, he is appointed by the Judge from the general public. This is not rocket science and the supporting facts are quite self evident. With this kind of argument, poor Walt will spend more time in prison. One would at least hope that his friends would correctly inform him of the facts.

Educating the Confused – P&E and no victim

Sharon Rondeau at the P&E, has posted the following. And while I do not have access to the full document, it is hilarious how she keeps focusing on the ‘victim’ component. In case of ‘perjury’, there indeed is no real victim, just a perpetrator, who violates the expectations that “We the People” have when filing legal documents. As to the extortion charge, while there was no official police report, the actual court case shows that the victim of this extortion was Jeff Cunningham. The Jury looked at the evidence, was told what components were necessary for a guilty charge and found Mr Fitzpatrick guilty accordingly on two charges and acquitted him of a third charge.

Bombshell: State of Tennessee Admits No Victim Exists for Fitzpatrick’s “Crimes”

Tweet INDICTED, CHARGED, CONVICTED AND SOON TO BE SENTENCED, WITHOUT A VICTIM by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 11, 2014) — The State of Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole has admitted that in the case of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, 14-CR-69, in which Fitzpatrick was found guilty of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion,” there was no victim. [...]

Time to celebrate?… From prison most likely… This is not rocket science and yet we see more and more of these ‘sovereign citizen like’ “arguments” in the news. Not surprisingly, none of them go very far.