DC – US v Class – Latest filings

Document 136 reads:

The parties also request that the court set a new trial date of October 27, 2014, and convert the current September 9 proceeding to a status conference.. The purpose of the continuance is to allow the parties to engage in negotiations to possibly resolve the case. Mr. Class agrees that the time until October 27, 2014, is excludable under 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(1)(G) & 3161(h)(7)(A).

Date Filed # Docket Text
08/27/2014 Rodney Class has filed a motion 108 for permission to subpoena witnesses. However, Class has shown nothing preventing him from adhering to the procedures that a defendant must follow under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 17 and Local Criminal Rule 17.1 in order to have witnesses appear for testimony. Absent a showing that he has been precluded from following the procedures set forth in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Local Criminal Rules, there appears to be no need for any order granting Class permission to do what our rules allow him to do already, and his motion is moot. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that Class motion 108 to subpoena witnesses be, and hereby is, DENIED. Signed by Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts on 8/27/2014. (lcrwr3) (Entered: 08/27/2014)
08/28/2014 135 LEAVE TO FILE DENIED – Objection to Judge Richard W. Roberts “Leave to File Denied” Order of 6/20/14, Docket No. 120 by RODNEY CLASS. This document is unavailable as the Court denied its filing. “Leave to file DENIED” Signed by Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts on 8/26/14. (mlp) (Entered: 08/28/2014)
08/29/2014 136 Unopposed MOTION to Continue Trial by RODNEY CLASS. (Attachments: # 1 Text of Proposed Order)(Kramer, A.J.) (Entered: 08/29/2014)

DC – US v Class – plea bargain?

In this “show“, Class talks about his meeting with the prosecutor

Rod was offered a deal to entirely drop the D.C. charge if he pleads guilty to the second one, but he would serve no prison time. It sounds like he’s taking the deal.

HT: Gatsby

This would mean that Class can no longer own firearms in North Carolina… A relatively minor punishment for his rather foolish behavior.

Will he take the offer?

He is still trying desperately to file his nonsense in the court, objecting to the fact that the Judge does no longer allow Rod to file his nonsense unless he obtains leave from the court. Rod does not understand that there are limits to any constitutional right…

  • 8.24.14_Rod_Class_DC_Void_Order_Rule_60…Filing_74
  • 8.25.14_Rod_Class_DC_Void_Order_Order_for_Dismissal_74a

Walt transfered to Bledsoe County prison

Walt has ‘arrived’… He is now in the County facility where he will be serving his 3 year sentence after having been convicted by a jury of his peers for aggravated perjury and extortion. Walt and some of his friends continue to believe that there is some conspiracy and corruption taking place because they fail to understand that under the laws and statutes of TN, the judge gets to appoint the foreperson of the grand jury as the 13th “juror” for a 2 year period of time and that he may re-appoint said foreperson for multiple, consecutive periods. In addition, Walt and some of his supporters, fail to appreciate that the statute which prohibits jurors for serving more than once in a 12 month period of time does not apply to the foreperson since he or she is appointed to summoned.

Walt’s history is full of example in which he refuses to admit to his mistakes. A good example is his court martial.

Walt is rumored to not want to receive any mail or phone calls. This may be a good time for Walt to reflect on who his friends are and what the future holds for him.

It’s never too late to admit to one’s follies and return to a productive life. And to answer the P&E, no McMinn county has not silenced him, that has been his own choice.

Common Law Grand Jury – Knitting clubs in all 50 states

They have found enough people per state to vote to have the CLGJ knitting club established in their respective states.

Of course, the expectation is that now the CLGJ can no longer be stopped… ROTFL, it will be enjoyable to see them fail in their filings. There is just no legal precedent for the CLGJ, not even from Scalia.


Arpaio’s MCSO and Chinese spies

A chinese national gets access to sensitive documents and Arpaio’s second in command covered it up?

In fact, a review of records shows that David Hendershott, who was second-in-command at the sheriff’s office, moved aggressively to maintain silence, a silence that has now lasted some seven years. Two weeks after Fan departed, Hendershott directed others in writing not to discuss Fan and the possible breach. In an email to the outside contractor that had hired Fan, Hendershott wrote: “Keep this between us and only us.”



TX – Taitz v Johnson – Orly Strikes Out

In spite of a Judge who seems to be on a war path with the government about immigration, Orly failed to get what she wanted

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Andrew S. Hanen. MOTION HEARING held on 8/27/2014. Appearances: O.Taitz, Atty/Plaintiff; D.Hu, AUSA; C.Kisor, AUSA;(Court Reporter: B.Barnard)(01:31-03:44/ 03:55-05:49). All parties present and ready to proceed. Discussion held as to pending motions. Oral argument held. Govts witness K. Oaks sworn in/ testified/ cross. Govts Exhibits #2,#3,#4 admitted. Defts Exhibit #1 admitted. Court Break. Court Resumes. All parties present. Govts Witness T.Brooks sworn in/ testified/ cross. Govts Witness A.Fierro sworn in/ testified/ cross. Govt concludes its presentation. O.Taitz addressed the Court. Court addressed the parties. Court DENIES the termporary restraining order. Plaintiff has until 09/12/14 to file amended complaint. Defendants have until 10/03/14 to respond either by answer or by motion to dismiss. Plaintiff may reply by 11/17/14. Injunction hearing will be held on 10/29/14 at 10:00 am. Initial Conference set for 10/28/14 is cancelled. Depositions to be taken after amended complaint and with Courts permission. Court adjourned.

From what I have heard, Orly may have perjured herself when she submitted an affidavit stating that all parties agreed to waive the 100 mile rule when in fact she had not contacted at least one of her ‘witnesses’.

Sloppy… As expected.