FL – Terry Trussell – Letter from Judge Parker replacing him


TO:      TERRY TRUSSELL, P.O. Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628
In Re: Grand Jury, Dixie County


THIS CAUSE CAME TO BE HEARD upon the sworn, written Petition of Jeffrey Siegmeister, State Attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit, the Court having read the same and being otherwise fully advised in the premises, and the Court determining that no grand juror has a right to any adversarial hearing regarding removal from a grand jury panel, it is

ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Petition is GRANTED, and grand juror Terry Trussell is hereby removed from the sitting grand jury of Dixie County, whose term ends October 19, 2014. Based on the following irrefutable facts the Court is compelled to find that Mr. Terry Trussell is incapable of serving as a juror of the currently impaneled Grand Jury of Dixie County, Florida, to wit:

  1. First and foremost Terry Russell [sic], during a period he was a sworn juror and foreperson of the Grand Jury of Dixie County, Florida, and out of his apparent frustration with the manner in which the lawful grand jury was proceeding upon matters he desired to be investigated, did instigate investigations of matters outside the presence of the Grand Jury and without any legal authority bestowed upon him by the other Grand Jury panel members or otherwise under Chapter 905 or the instructions of the Court. These investigations occurred in ways that included the convening of a sham assembly of volunteers to act as a so called “common law grand jury” in the stead of the lawful Grand Jury of Dixie County, Florida, resulting in the issuance of more than one simulated “true bill”, signed by Terry Trussell as the “foreman” of that assembly, purporting to indict various individuals, public officials, corporations, and governmental bodies for a cornucopia of offenses (albeit such a document is truly “void ab initio” it must be noted by this Court, and in the interest of a fair warning to those intrigued by the proponents of “common law grand juries”, that the supposed “true bills” issued by common law grand juries apparently do not require finding or at least mention of any particular dates, times or locations of any of these offenses!).
  2. The supposed “true bills” issued by the supposed common-law jury were recorded into the Official Records of Dixie County, Florida. Although not the act of a valid grand jury, Mr. Trussell directed the recording of the “true bills” into the Official Records of Dixie County, Florida in defiance of and in violation of the spirit of Florida Statute s. 905.26.
  3. Mr. Trussell utilized his position as the duly appointed foreperson of the Grand Jury of Dixie County in order to neutralize the ability of the Grand Jury of Dixie County to function as intended under the law, and in doing so employed deception in order to gain access to the Dixie County Courthouse in order to further the assembly of a so called “common law grand jury” and the actions that assembly took on August 14, 2014 in issuing the so called “true bills” mentioned above.
  4. He has issued decrees in the form of “bills of information” and other documents directed to public officials including the Dixie County Clerk of the Court, the undersigned Judge (declaring the undersigned “recused”), and some intended for delivery to forepersons of other lawful grand juries, all without the permission or direction of the other members of the lawful Grand Jury of Dixie County, Florida.
  5. Trussell has declared the lawful, sitting grand jury “void ab initio” in at least one “bill of information, thereby disavowing the lawful existence, power, and responsibility of the very grand jury of which he is a member and its appointed foreperson, and in doing so renders Mr. Trussell to be perpetually in a conflict of interest with any matter that might come before the lawful grand jury. Interestingly and somewhat disingenuously, after declaring the lawful grand jury “void ab initio”, Mr. Trussell continued to sign documents and issue directives as the foreperson of the Dixie County Grand Jury, albeit outside the scope of the powers of a foreperson.
  6. Trussell has acted to disrupt and abuse the service of the panel of grand jurors by pretending to prepare a presentation and having them re-called into session on or about August 14, 2014, but instead under a ruse, obtained access to the courthouse earlier and conducted a sham, non-existent (in current statute nor under the Florida Constitution and tenth amendment of the US Constitution) “common law grand jury” session. The intentional inconvenience to those others appointed for service as Grand Juries was a selfish and an inexcusable breach of his duties as foreperson and grand juror.

IT IS FUTHERED [sic] ORDERED that the previously appointed Vice-Foreperson of the Grand Jury assume the duties as Foreperson for the remainder of the term;

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED: In the event that there is any matter to be taken up by the remaining members of the Grand Jury during the term of this Grand Jury, no later than ten days prior to re­convening, the Clerk of the Court will advise the Court of the remaining venire of prospective jurors previously summoned for this term of the Grand Jury, and the Court will direct a random draw from those names to be made in the presence of the Court, the Clerk of the Court, the Foreperson of the Grand Jury, and the Clerk of the Grand Jury for the purpose of selecting a replacement for this removed juror or any other juror unable to serve throughout the remaining term of the Grand Jury. Thereafter, as soon as possible, those replacement jurors shall be instructed as required by law and advised of the date of reconvening.

THIS COURT further reminds the respondent TERRY TRUSSELL he is forever bound by the secrecy requirements of Florida law, absent a court order, as set forth in Chapter 905 of the Florida Statutes and the instruction previously given by the Court to the Grand Jury.

DONE AND ORDERED in Perry, Taylor County, Florida, on thi _______

y of August, 2014.


Chief Judge, Third Judicial Circuit, Florida

Copies: Clerk of Court

Jeffrey Siegmeister, State Attorney

Terry Trussell, PO Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628