TX – Taitz v Johnson – Hearing

Orly Taitz is attempting another court case (docket), this time related to President Obama’s “immigration” policies. While she is likely going to fail due to lack of standing, the Fogbow will have “boots on the ground” to report on Orly’s next entertaining visit to a court. The Judge, Andrew S. Hanen, however, does appear to be friendly to Orly’s mistaken beliefs and provided some dicta in U.S. v. Nava-Martinez in which he strongly objected to the practices of the DHS. However, his disagreements with US policy, are of no relevance to the fact that Orly lacks any standing.

08/27/2014 01:30 1:14-cv-00119 23 Taitz v. Johnson et al Miscellaneous Hearing

She has subpoenaed several border patrol agents who she believes to be willing to ‘testify’. Oh boy, such entertainment. Expect filings of treason to follow quickly thereafter 😉

Orly’s FOIA requests, having failed, are also on appeal, however she stands little chance of winning those as the SSA has provided her with the information she requested, even though she still believes that they are hiding some…

She can just not accept that there is no evidence of a Harry Bounel ever receiving social security or that his social security number matches the one assigned to President Obama.


TX – Taitz v Johnson – Reply

Orly has filed another meaningless filing, this time in Texas, where she is seeking emergency relief from the Government from what she believes to be illegal activities.

Let’s ignore that Orly has no standing, that the Government is well within its rights to control immigration policies and the fact that Orly has failed to properly file a complaint, which serves to initiate the case and nothing much is left that suggests that this case will survive the Judge’s ruling.

Enjoy another “master piece” by our favorite Dentist/Lawyer…

TX – Taitz v Sebelius

The Court dismisses the lawsuit quickly and decisively… Poor Orly will surely blame the Judge…

Upshot: “As other courts have held in similar suits brought by Plaintiff, “this Court is not willing to go tilting at windmills with [Taitz].” Sibley v. Obama, –F.Supp.2d–, 2012 WL 2016809 at *1 (D. D.C. June 6, 2012.) (quoting Taitz v. Obama, 707 F.Supp.2d 1, 3 (D. D.C. 2010)).”


2 The complaint also appears to bring causes of action (1) challenging President Obama’s eligibility to serve as president and sign legislation and (2) contending an unlawful conspiracy in violation of Rico .. Because Taitz has failed to identify any particularized harm which she has experienced, or will imminently experience, these claims are also dismissed.


NDTX – 2012-11-20 – TvSebelius – ORDER Granting Motion to Dismiss 

TX – Taitz v Sebelius – Notice of Meet and Confer

Not getting much traction. Just because Orly made assertions of criminal violations, does not make it so.


This is to advise the court that on 10.12. 2012 Plaintiff conducted a Meet and Confer with Mr. Scott Risner, Trial attorney for the Department of Justice and counsel for the defense.

Mr. Risner opposes Motion to Consolidate, #18 on the docket.

Additionally Plaintiff advised Mr. Risner that in her pleadings in this case she provided sworn affidavits that evidence a number of felonies being committed and she wanted to know if in accordance with 18USC§4 Misprision of Felony, Mr. Risner forwarded this information to the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice or whether he will forward this to the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. Mr. Risner stated that he did not forward this information to the Criminal division of the Department of Justice, but will consider doing this. Plaintiff inquired, when will he be doing this, Mr. Risner stated that at the moment he is concentrating on drafting a reply to her latest pleadings.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

TX – Taitz v Sebelius – Reply

Orly has filed yet another ‘masterpiece’ outlining how she fails to correctly argue standing.

Upon receiving this ruling, Taitz filed another motion for reconsideration, asking to rule in her favor based on the Establishment clause, however the court ruled that since she did not bring the Establishment clause in the original complaint, it would not consider it under rule 60B.

“plaintiff cannot use her Rule 60(b) motion to raise legal arguments that were available to her at the time of filing. Therefore, the Court will not address plaintiff’s new claims.” id

And of course, her ‘arguments’ fail on so many levels:

Ms. Taitz claims that because President Obama has not proved that he is a natural born citizen, he thus cannot legitimately sign the bill into law.

Another lawsuit that is going to quickly fail…

10/05/2012 16 REPLY filed by Orly Taitz re: 14 Response/Objection, (Attachments: # 1 Declaration(s) certificate of service) (Taitz, Orly) (Entered: 10/05/2012)

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TX – Taitz v Sibelius

If anyone were still in doubt about Orly’s legal skills, the following responses filed by Michael Astrue et al should lay to rest any such concerns

Failure to follow Federal Rule of Civil Procedure for service:

Footnote 1:Taitz served the United States Attorney’s Office by certified mail on September 4, 2012. She does not appear to have served the Attorney General or any of the federal government agencies or official-capacity defendants, as required by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(i).

Even if Jurisdiction Exists and Venue is Proper, Taitz Has Not Shown a Likelihood

of Success on the Merits, as She Fails to State a Claim Upon Which Relief May Be


If the Court looks to the merits, it should be clear that Taitz cannot succeed on any of her claims. Taitz challenges a law that she either misunderstands or misrepresents, and even a cursory reading of the relevant provision – together with decades of case law interpreting it, none of it cited by Taitz – demonstrates that her claims are without merit.
And much more..

Taitz’s motion for a preliminary injunction also contends that the religious conscience exemption violates her rights under RFRA and her First Amendment right to free speech. Neither of these claims was raised in her complaint, and thus neither provides a basis for her to obtain preliminary relief. Because the very purpose of a preliminary injunction is to preserve the parties’ positions until a final resolution of the merits, it would be illogical to enter a preliminary injunction with respect to a claim that the plaintiff’s complaint does not even seek to present.

09/20/2012 14 RESPONSE filed by Michael Astrue, William A Chatfield, Eric Holder, Barrack Hussein Obama, Kathleen Sebelius re: 7 MOTION to Stay of Health Care tax/penalty/fine MOTION for Hearing (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit(s) 1, # 2 Exhibit(s) 2, # 3 Exhibit(s) 3, # 4 Proposed Order) (Risner, Scott) (Entered: 09/20/2012)

09/20/2012 15 MOTION to Dismiss filed by Michael Astrue, William A Chatfield, Eric Holder, Barrack Hussein Obama, Kathleen Sebelius with Brief/Memorandum in Support. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit(s) 1, # 2 Exhibit(s) 2, # 3 Exhibit(s) 3, # 4 Proposed Order) (Risner, Scott) (Entered: 09/20/2012)