Paul Guthrie – May the force be with you…

A little known, but interesting, case was initiated by Paul Guthrie, aka Jedi Pauly, who filed two cases in the Federal Court of Indiana, claiming that he knows the ‘true meaning’ of the term ‘natural born citizen’.

Case 1: 1:13-cv-0080-JMS-DKL, a petition for writ of mandamus, was filed, 14 January 2013, in the District Court of the Southern District of Indiana and was assigned to Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson and referred to Magistrate Judge Denise K. LaRue (DKL) – Docket

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KS – Montgomery v Obama – Hearing

Slash2k from the Fogbow scores again. Montgomery starts at page 84

KS – 2012-09-13 – Transcript of Proceedings of State Objection Board

Montgomery totally misunderstands US v Wong Kim Ark and other SCOTUS rulings. I love it how he cites the dissenting opinion as if it has any legal relevance.

KS – Taitz v Obama – Late start?

Orly has been asking her minions to volunteer to collect a complete list of witnesses and experts. Her former paralegal assistant has left due to personal circumstance but I find it hard to believe that Orly does not have a list of all her witnesses and experts, including their addresses and phone numbers… Fascinating.. I thought this was an emergency of national proportions… She must expect what we already have predicted: namely that the judge will not allow any of her witnesses to testify.


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I need to compile  a list of all the witnesses and experts for subpoena. I need their addresses and phone numbers, e-mail addresses. I need to submit to the judge.

KS – Taitz v SOS – Motion to dismiss

Orly was punked once again:

…Plaintiff Taitz then stated that she represented “Mountgomery Burns” and that he wished to withdraw his withdrawal……Mr Montgomery did not appear with Plaintiff Taitz nor did “Mr Mountgomery Burns”

Montgoumery Burns… Homer must be laughing…
As to the motions, they point out why the Court lacks jurisdiction and why the hearing for injunctive relief should be stayed…

2012-09-26 KS SCDC – TAITZ v KOBACH – Motion to Dismiss and Incorporated Memorandum

2012-09-26 KS SCDC – TATIZ v KOBACH – Exhibits to Motion to Dismiss

2012-09-26 KS SCDC – TAITZ v KOBACH – Motion to Stay Hearing