FL – Voeltz v Obama – Appealed to Supreme Court

Realist has provided additional documents relevant to the lower Court case which Klayman has appealed to the Supreme Court to instruct the lower Court to issue a written opinion. The Florida Supreme Court has given Kayman until 04/29/13 to properly file his briefs..

Rule 2-514 – Which apparently Klayman misread to allow for 5 additional days. It seems to me straightforward English which Klayman somehow failed to appreciate properly.

(b) Additional Time after Service by Mail or E-mail. When a party may or must act within a specified time after service and service is made by mail or email, 5 days are added after the period that would otherwise expire under subdivision (a).

 The deadline was not relative to a specified time after service… So sad…

From the documents, it appears that Klayman failed to timely file his brief for a written opinion. Yes my friends, Klayman strikes again… Fascinating…

2/08/2013 Dismissed – Per Curiam Opinion

02/08/2013 SS Restyle of Case-General-186

This Court sua sponte changes the style of this case to Michael Voeltz v. Barack Hussein Obama, Florida Democratic Party Nominee for President to the 2012 Democratic National Convention; Ken Detzner, Secretary of State of Florida; and Florida Elections Canvassing Commission.02/08/2013 Deny Expediting-77A

Motion to expedite, filed December 26, 2012, is denied. Amended motion for leave to file brief of amicus curiae, filed December 26, 2012, is denied.

02/28/2013 Motion for Written Opinion

Larry Klayman 246220

03/11/2013 RESPONSE

Mark Herron 0199737

in opposition to mot for written opinion ******NOTED******

03/11/2013 Notice of Appeal to Supreme Court

Larry Klayman 246220

03/11/2013 RESPONSE

Ashley E. Davis, A. G. C. 48032

in opposition to mot for written opinion ******NOTED******

03/11/2013 REPLY

Larry Klayman 246220

in support of mot for written opinion ******NOTED******



03/12/2013 Review Sent to Supreme Court


03/22/2013 Deny Miscellaneous Motion-79A [Motion for Written Opinion]


FL – Voeltz v SOS – Certification FL votes.

Gorefan at the Obama Conspiracy blog reports

Voeltz’s and Klayman’s work has gotten a litttle harder. The Florida Governor and SoS have certified the popular vote and submitted the ascertainment of vote to the National Archives.


So have Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

More will probabably be added today.

Here are the formal procedures: