Coming Soon to the Comedy Channel…

The Post and Email has announced that:

(Sep. 17, 2014) — Professional filmmaker William (Wilky) Fain has informed The Post & Email that a video depicting the efforts of CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) to expose corruption within the Tennessee judiciary is nearing the stage when it will be presented to an agent for consideration as the basis for a documentary.

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I interpret this to mean that they are hoping that the Comedy Channel will have a late night slot available? Note that contrary to some claims, Walt has done almost nothing to expose corruption within the Tennessee Judiciary.

We will hear how the 5th Amendment Grand Jury presentment clause, which has never been incorporated by the 14th Amendment to apply to the States, somehow determines how the State of Tennessee should run its own Grand Jury system. I guess, they are not great believers in state rights.

We will hear how for decades and more, the statutes of the State of Tennessee have allowed the Judge to appoint the foreperson of the Grand Jury as the 13th “Grand Juror” from the population at large. We will learn how such appointments, which are valid for 2 years, can be extended for multiple consecutive periods. We will learn how the State of Tennessee has corrupted the courts by applying its statutes correctly.

We will learn that in spite of the clear history that the Court may appoint the foreperson from the eligible population at large, the courts have been subverting justice by doing so exactly. How dare they not follow the principles laid out by Mr Fitzpatrick…

In light of all this evidence it is clear that the State of Tennessee and the Judiciary are guilty of following their laws and statutes.

Oh the comedy that ensued…




TN – State v Fitzpatrick – What now…

Remember how only a few weeks ago, a certain Field McConnell, threatened to file a legal action against President Obama if Judge Blackwood would not reject the Jury’s decision as to Walt’s conviction.

Even though Walt was, in accordance with the Constitution, indicted by a Grand Jury and found guilty by a jury of his peers, Field somehow believes that the Judge should take notice of his ‘threats’. As expected, the judge totally ignored the rather meaningless statements and sentenced Walt to little more than the minimum sentence.

So now, being ignored by the judiciary and the media, Field has signed an affidavit in which he objects to the behavior of the Judge and the Prosecutor and proposes that the NLA, a common law knitting club, to “indict” them.

Why is it that some are so intent to fail, time after time?… The NLA has no legal relevance, and is nothing more than a “knitting club” petitioning the Courts for redress and unwilling to pay any filing fees or explain their “standing”.

Well, the outcome is so predictable and it will be fascinating to watch the developments. Now let’s see if the NLA will get themselves involved. As a sidenote, does Tennessee have a statute criminalizing pretending to be a judicial officer?

39-16-510.  Retaliation for past action.

  (a)  (1) A person commits the offense of retaliation for past action who harms or threatens to harm a witness at an official proceeding, judge, district attorney general, an assistant district attorney general, an employee of the district attorney general or a law enforcement officer, clerk, employee of the clerk, juror or former juror, or a family member of any such person, by any unlawful act in retaliation for anything the witness, judge, district attorney general, assistant district attorney general, employee of the district attorney general or a law enforcement officer, clerk, employee of the clerk, or juror did in an official capacity as witness, judge, district attorney general, assistant district attorney general, employee of the district attorney general or a law enforcement officer, clerk, employee of the clerk, or juror. The offense of retaliation for past action shall not apply to an employee of a clerk who harms or threatens to harm the clerk.

   (2) For purposes of subdivision (a)(1), “family member” means the spouse, parent, grandparent, stepmother, stepfather, child, grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, adopted children of the parent, or the spouse’s parents.

(b) A violation of this section is a Class E felony.

TN – P&E questioning job performance county officials

In a somewhat strange posting, the P&E is wondering if county officials in TN are performing their jobs satisfactorily.

A McMinn County Sheriff Corporal apparently informed Sharon that Walt is going to prison. Which is exactly what is to be expected to happen to someone who has been found guilty and sentenced to 3 years. Since the P&E, in the past, has complained about conditions in county jails, Sharon should be happy to hear that this time Walt is going to a State correctional facility.

Speaking of job performance, I wonder if Sharon has taken the time to familiarize herself with the laws, statutes and case law related to the appointment of a foreperson of the Grand Jury in TN. Contrary to her claims, which mirror Walt’s, the history of the TN Grand Jury and the laws passed, show that it is indeed the Judge who appoints a foreperson from amongst the population at large and that said Judge can re-appoint the foreperson for multiple, consecutive 2 year appointments. The recent statute which limits jury duty to once every two years, does not apply to the foreperson since he is not summoned but rather appointed.

Before one makes accusations of corruption etc, it is helpful to first outline the facts and study them. So far, the facts do not appear to support most of the ‘charges’ against the TN judiciary, the Sheriff’s office or the attorneys general. This does not mean that there is no corruption, just that the evidence has failed to point to any thus far.

For those interested, Walt’s status in the McMinn County jail can be checked here

Walt gets 3 years

“Boots on the ground” report that:

Walt got 3 years state prison, taken into custody, Judge Blackwood was furious, used the word “ludicrous” many times to describe Walt’s conduct, his thinking, Irion’s arguments. A district attorney and a probation officer talked to me. Both are friends of the Fogbow. More later, gotta hit the road to be home in time to do RC Radio.

Justice has run its course.

One of his supporters had bragged that:

My name is Field McConnell and I expect that Tennessee will address issues with Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood and vacate any improper judgement(s) against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick. If the State of Tennessee and the County of McMinn continue on this corrupt course I will be filing charges in U S District Court, District of North Dakota against Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 for wrongful death, 2000+ counts, in period 20 January, 2009 to the removal from office of Barry Soetoro. I will not be filing those charges if Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is rightfully exonerated.

Expect another legal filing and failure…

Educating the Confused – P&E and no victim

Sharon Rondeau at the P&E, has posted the following. And while I do not have access to the full document, it is hilarious how she keeps focusing on the ‘victim’ component. In case of ‘perjury’, there indeed is no real victim, just a perpetrator, who violates the expectations that “We the People” have when filing legal documents. As to the extortion charge, while there was no official police report, the actual court case shows that the victim of this extortion was Jeff Cunningham. The Jury looked at the evidence, was told what components were necessary for a guilty charge and found Mr Fitzpatrick guilty accordingly on two charges and acquitted him of a third charge.

Bombshell: State of Tennessee Admits No Victim Exists for Fitzpatrick’s “Crimes”

Tweet INDICTED, CHARGED, CONVICTED AND SOON TO BE SENTENCED, WITHOUT A VICTIM by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 11, 2014) — The State of Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole has admitted that in the case of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, 14-CR-69, in which Fitzpatrick was found guilty of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion,” there was no victim. […]

Time to celebrate?… From prison most likely… This is not rocket science and yet we see more and more of these ‘sovereign citizen like’ “arguments” in the news. Not surprisingly, none of them go very far.

Walter Fitzpatrick – Some weird stuff

Not only has a person named Field McConnell been making some foolish threats, but now they are organizing a “prayer breakfast” in the hope that higher authority intervenes. Unlikely…


Walter decided to violate the laws of our Nation and was properly found guilty by a jury of his peers. Let’s pray that justice will be done. As to the weird claims of corruption, they appear to be all based on a failure to understand the laws of our nation. Ignorance has been the fuel behind much of Walt’s foolish behaviors that have led him to enjoy some time in our nation’s jails. Let’s sit back and enjoy this. I wonder if all this is happening with Walt’s approval… One thing seems certain to me, this is only going to do him a disservice.

TN – State v Fitzpatrick – Closing Arguments – van Irion – Constitutionally protected activities

In his closing arguments, van Irion argued that since Walt petitioning the Grand Jury or the court or the oversight committee is a constitutionally protected activity of petitioning the government, that therefor the jury should find Walt not-guilty.

In fact he even suggested that such a constitutionally protected activity cannot be the foundation for criminal charges, although later he accepts that lying under oath is considered to be perjury and in fact can be criminal. Therefore, if the jury believes that the evidence and facts support Walt having lied, and lied knowingly, that they jury may find a guilty verdict. Of course, the jury also has to find that the lies were material, and since the judge rejected the motion based on a failure on Walt’s part to indicate a relationship between him and Jeff Cunningham, anything in the motion is not material.

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