TN – TN v Huff – No Contest

Few may remember that in addition to Walt, also Darren Huff and Carl Swensson were indicted for their role in the April 1, disruption of the Monroe County Grand Jury.

While Walter Fitzpatrick III was preparing for his jury trial, one of his followers quietly pleaded out his charges on Wednesday.

Darren Huff, 40, is a Georgia resident who on April 1, 2010, came to the Monroe County Courthouse to help Fitzpatrick affect the citizen’s arrest of courthouse officials and local law enforcement personnel.

For his part in that plan, Huff was charged with disrupting a meeting, inciting a riot and retaliation for past actions.

Huff pleaded no contest to disrupting a meeting and the state nollied the other charges. Huff was sentenced to six months suspended with no fine and declared indigent so he won’t be responsible for court costs.

Huff still faces federal charges consisting of traveling in interstate commerce with intent to incite a riot and transporting in commerce a firearm in furtherance of a civil disorder.

The FBI says Huff traveled to Tennessee on April 20, armed with a pistol on his hip and an assault rifle in his truck, intent on seeing that Fitzpatrick did not face trial for trying to do the same.

Source: Advocate and Democrat