Educating the Confused – Henry Blake and ScanSnap

Update: Based on my examination of the libraries included with ScanSnap, I have concluded that he is correct that ABBYY is used for OCR. He still is wrong about the work flow as I will explain below.

Poor Hermitian continues to make assertions that, on closer scrutiny, fail to survive. In spite of the evidence, our friend continues to make statements that are clearly erroneous.

NBC and Vicklund are still way off base. You would think that by know even an Obot could get it right!

So far, us Obots have gotten quite a few things right. You, not so much.

The PFU ScanSnap Manager 5.0.21 #S1500 can produce PDF files but does not have OCR capability. That’s why the Fugitsu ScanSnap S1500 Scanner is bundled with both Adobe Acrobat X and ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap. Acrobat can create PDF files directly from the Fugitsu ScanSnap S1500 and apply OCR on the same PDF file. There are three different OCR modes that the operator can choose from.

Contrary to Hermitian’s claims, ScanSnap Manager can produce PDF files and offers OCR support. The reason that it provides additional software (one as a trial) is because people may want to do more with their scanned PDF’s.

PFU ScanSnap uses the Adobe PDF Scan Library

which offers, amongst others, the following capabilities

Extract content and Create and manipulate forms. Ouch… I figured this out, again by accident, when I decided to study the metadata of the PDFs submitted in the MS case. Kevin made a good suggestion and I provided the necessary data, which also indicated that Hermitian was mistaken about his claims (again).

You know, we’ve been assuming that the law firm did the scanning. But they did say they were filing the hardcopy of the verification letter from Fuddy with the court. It’s possible that the court was the one that did the scanning.

The letters to the court are scanned in differently than the ones from the law firm. There are three files that contain the metadata, one lacks the paper capture.

Creator        PFU ScanSnap Manager 5.0.21 #S1500
Producer     Adobe Acrobat 9.51 Paper Capture Plug-in


Creator:        PFU ScanSnap Manager 5.1.30 #S1500
Producer:       Adobe PDF Scan Library 3.2


Creator:        PFU ScanSnap Manager 5.0.21 #S1500
Producer:       Adobe PDF Scan Library 3.1

So let me also correct poor Hermitian with another prediction:

1. PFU ScanSnap Manager uses Adobe PDF Scan library to do its magic
2. It also offers Adobe Acrobat and Abbyy software  which can be used for additional manipulations of the PDF.

It should have been obvious to Hermitian when it was pointed out how the document has two bookmarks.

A little bit of logic, some thinking and the true work flow becomes self evident. I guess, for Hermitian’s sake, it’s time to present more hints that he has so obviously overlooked.

PS: I just found two other PDF’s with PFU ScanSnap Manager 5.0.21 #S1500 and Adobe PDF Scan Library 3.1, so again, Hermitian fails.

Update: I have to correct my findings as I looked at the library files used and PDF Scan Library is used to create PDF’s and ABBYY is used to OCR the document. So the following work flow is proposed

1. The letter is scanned in with ScanSnap and saved to PDF

2. The birth certificate is scanned with ScanSnap and saved to PDF

3. Both cases, OCR was turned on which generated the form blocks in the birth certificate document

4. Both documents were imported into Acrobat and OCR was once again applied