WH LFBC and Xerox 7655 Preview PDF – Side by Side

Status Strong

The raw PDF mimicks the WH LFBC PDF to a remarkable level of similarity. This was for the Preview saved Xerox scan on a 7535 Xerox WorkCentre.

Before I continue, I do have to point out that Preview reorders and renames the Objects, removes any JBIG2 encoding as well as other non PDF 1.3 supported features. Therefore, the similarity between two Preview created documents may be strongly correlated. However, I will show how for example, using a ‘forged’ pdf by Polland, the Preview saved version contains many differences.

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I am tracking a score sheet for features explained versus objections raised.

Confirmation Documents

August 28 A sad day as I have decided to no longer allow Hermitian to submit comments on this blog as he has now, several times accused me of behavior for which he has no evidence (hinting that I may be the forger, work for Obama, that I withhold data or manipulate data and other non sequiturs). I feel saddened because, despite his short comings, he did serve a useful purpose. I wish him well and will continue to address issues he raises, to help him understand better why the Xerox workflow stands unassailed. Thank you Hermitian for your efforts to debunk the work flow, helping further strengthen it.

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Xerox 7655 PDF – Layers and scaling/rotation

I am using Adobe Illustrator to simplify matters for some people who do not appreciate low level tools. For those people: You can click on the image and bring up a larger version.

As various other people have documented, the WH document contains several monochrome bitmaps and a single JPEG encoded background. It’s these features which caused some concern amongst those who insist that President Obama’s LFBC must be fraudulent. I can now share with you that the Xerox 7655 PDF reproduces these features.

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Butterdezillion – Some good questions

From the FreeRepublic we receive some good feedback from a poster named Butterdezilion.

Butterdezilion: If the Xerox machine is substituting exact replicas every time a certain “blob” (such as a box) appears, then that should happen with every box, every letter, etc. If the Xerox is switching 6’s for 8’s then where are those numbers switched around in the White House PDF?

A good question but as I have shown and found out, the Mixed Raster Compression is all but exact as it appears to be extremely sensitive to small variations. I have seen examples with anywhere from 4 to 17 foreground images. The same for JBIG2, it is based on how similar the two blobs, such as a box are, and in the samples I have, I have found JBIG2 to fail to capture the boxes, but it does capture other letters.

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Xerox 7655 – AP Copy scanned

I took the high resolution AP JPEG which I had extracted from the PDF and had it run through the Xerox scanner. The reason is that this document was not JBIG2 compressed and did not show identical characters. So what would Xerox do with it. The results are not surprising to most of us. Note that every time you repeat the scan you will get different results, often quite different.

First the layers. Note how, like with the other Xerox scans, it opens up in ‘landscape’ mode.

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