Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo

Reality check has challenged Mr Zullo

What will Zullo do? He can chose to show how a ‘criminal investigation’ deals with information that contradicts its findings, or he can ignore it.

Either way, Zullo is faced with quite an unfortunate situation of his own creation.

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The Muscatine experiment – aka shooting fish in a barrel

Let’s compare the metadata in the Muscatine PDF with the metadata of the AP JPEG imported into Photoshop and saved as a PDF? There is are two one missing entryies: Urgency and DateCreated, I will be repeating the experiment. Ah, somehow I missed DateCreated… It is clear however that the metadata is extremely similar… Anyone having access to CS2? I assumed that Hermitian had done this experiment, after I explained it some time ago.

There are two differences: the time is embedded in addition to the date and there is no urgency tag.

Kevin Vicklund to the rescue

Yes. Urgency: 5

The METADATA from the Muscatine Journal is identical to the METADATA produced by importing the AP JPEG into Photoshop CS2 and saving as a PDF, allowing for current date and time.


(photoshop:Urgency) has been deprecated in 2005. (Need to confirmed)

DateCreated: Use this field to record the date (and optionally, the time) the photograph was created, not the date when youscanned or edited the image.

Another myth bites the dust, I love it.. You’re the best Hermitian, you inspire people to push their research…

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WH LFBC and Xerox 7655 Preview PDF – Side by Side

Status Strong

The raw PDF mimicks the WH LFBC PDF to a remarkable level of similarity. This was for the Preview saved Xerox scan on a 7535 Xerox WorkCentre.

Before I continue, I do have to point out that Preview reorders and renames the Objects, removes any JBIG2 encoding as well as other non PDF 1.3 supported features. Therefore, the similarity between two Preview created documents may be strongly correlated. However, I will show how for example, using a ‘forged’ pdf by Polland, the Preview saved version contains many differences.

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I am tracking a score sheet for features explained versus objections raised.

Confirmation Documents

August 28 A sad day as I have decided to no longer allow Hermitian to submit comments on this blog as he has now, several times accused me of behavior for which he has no evidence (hinting that I may be the forger, work for Obama, that I withhold data or manipulate data and other non sequiturs). I feel saddened because, despite his short comings, he did serve a useful purpose. I wish him well and will continue to address issues he raises, to help him understand better why the Xerox workflow stands unassailed. Thank you Hermitian for your efforts to debunk the work flow, helping further strengthen it.

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Xerox/WH PDF Part 20 Affine Transforms

Since Hermitian appears to be a bit confused, I have added the vectors. I thought it was self evident, but apparently I was mistaken

Hermitian asked for some help in obtaining the formulas. Let me show how a rotation, scaling and translation operation can be rewritten as a single matrix.The math is not too hard but I will walk through it in small steps for those who are interested in following where the data lead us.

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