I am tracking a score sheet for features explained versus objections raised.

Confirmation Documents

August 28 A sad day as I have decided to no longer allow Hermitian to submit comments on this blog as he has now, several times accused me of behavior for which he has no evidence (hinting that I may be the forger, work for Obama, that I withhold data or manipulate data and other non sequiturs). I feel saddened because, despite his short comings, he did serve a useful purpose. I wish him well and will continue to address issues he raises, to help him understand better why the Xerox workflow stands unassailed. Thank you Hermitian for your efforts to debunk the work flow, helping further strengthen it.

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Box 6c side by side

Note how all these ‘strings’ appear to be of consistent length when compared the text of box 6c which reads:

Name of Hospital or Institution (If not in hospital or Institution, give street address)

Unless Hermitian wants to argue that all these documents have been forged, the conclusion is logical and inescapable.

Estimating original font size from documents can be quite complex as you need to understand what scaling steps may have been applied. The best way to compare is to compare with text that is consistent, such as the header in the boxes of the long form birth certificate. You can now do a relative comparison. I believe that my findings are strengthened by the pictures below

Looking forward to Hermitian’s response.

NBC: Click on pictures to go to the “originals”

WH Long Form PDF


WH Long Form Birth Certificate AP


EdithAh’nee BC




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