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Confirmation Documents

August 28 A sad day as I have decided to no longer allow Hermitian to submit comments on this blog as he has now, several times accused me of behavior for which he has no evidence (hinting that I may be the forger, work for Obama, that I withhold data or manipulate data and other non sequiturs). I feel saddened because, despite his short comings, he did serve a useful purpose. I wish him well and will continue to address issues he raises, to help him understand better why the Xerox workflow stands unassailed. Thank you Hermitian for your efforts to debunk the work flow, helping further strengthen it.

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Educating the Confused – African again…

Mark Gillar reports

Also, for everyone debating the “African” term. The HDOH did allow people to self-report. However, failure to use the correct term for self-reporting resulted in a correction.If the term was not the appropriate term from the 1960 manual, it was lined through and changed. It really doesn’t matter what term Obama Sr. reported. If it was incorrect, it would have been changed by one of the two registrar’s clerks reviewing the document.In his case, the term African would have been lined through and replaced with the word negro. See the Missouri videos for an actual example of this where someone self-reported “colored” and it was lined through and replaced with the word Negro. It was a 1961 BC by the way.

Note that Mark presents no evidence other than a Missouri video, failing to understand that the States set the rules.

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