Examining Johanna’s LFBC PDF

Orly has made available a fully unredacted PDF of “Hawaii Girl” Johanna XXXX’s long form birth certificate which was obtained in 1995. Orly is, unsurprisingly, confused about the whole issue and believes that this document was obtained in 2011… Sigh…

But now let’s look at the document in more detail:

122,387 bytes Shasum 5c14e5659931ac3db0278ec4207578bdf59c5a13

PDF Format: 1.4
Media Box: 612×396
Content Creator: Canon iR-ADV 8105  PDF
Encoding software: Adobe PSL 1.1e for Canon
Creation Date: May 4, 2011, 10:17 PM
Modification Date: Nov 25, 2013, 10:01 AM

pdfimages -j Johanna-BC.pdf Johanna creates 4 files

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: a71d0fa7abcbc5dd92a2bcc09d1ee8b1cf0e3443  Johanna-000.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels (lots of white at right side (bottom jpeg))
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4798c65ba40fe11743045ae1ede44f48fceab93e  Johanna-001.pbm
1416×1792 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 678ad4edae3ba01e332b3e102ffc441d02261908  Johanna-002.pbm
554×1040 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4992b1910c50520847720aea848b69e8da63d398  Johanna-003.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

There are no obvious halos, and unlike the WH LFBC PDF, the gaps behind the bitmap text that is removed is filled with a background color, which obviously reduces the halo effect


Vogt spilling txe beans?

Vogt has been giving several interviews in which he has dropped sufficient hints to determine who he believes to be the forger. And while I am not going to make the name public, Dr Conspiracy and AnitaMaria at the Fogbow, have put the pieces together in an almost trivial manner.

I would like to focus on the claim about the TXE in the stamp since much has been made about the distorted H and yet few have noticed how the same distortion appears in a long form birth certificate obtained by Miki Booth dated March 15, 2011, a few weeks before Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate was stamped (April 25, 2011).

The document in question shows, as pointed out by Butterdezillion, of all people, that there are other ‘distorted’ stamps, certified close in time to President Obama’s.

Butterdezillion: The smiley face and TXE are anomalies but they don’t make sense for a forger to put in a document. Whoever forged the BC would have just used what the HDOH sent, changing nothing except what had to be changed because it exposed the non-valid status of the BC and anything that they thought they screwed up on when making the forgery – like the background pattern. So it seems likely to me that Onaka used the TXE stamp and put the smiley face on the BC and the WH forger dutifully copied it without thinking that it was a red flag put in there by Onaka himself. It escaped Fuddy’s eyes, and it escaped the forger’s eyes.

Again, Vogt has failed, but I believe that his identification of the ‘forger’ has been his worst failure, especially given the fact that a Xerox workcentre workflow explains almost all the artifacts. Is this why Zullo spent 3 weeks in Hawaii?

What is truly hilarious is the following exchange

Hagmann:From my point of view as an investigator, you don’t announce, you don’t telegraph, you don’t post on a blog. You know.

Vogt: “You leave your ego out of it.”

Hagmann: “Exactly”



HT: Gorefan @DrConspiracy

How Vogt ‘spilled the beans’ and telegraphed the ‘forger’


Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo

Reality check has challenged Mr Zullo

What will Zullo do? He can chose to show how a ‘criminal investigation’ deals with information that contradicts its findings, or he can ignore it.

Either way, Zullo is faced with quite an unfortunate situation of his own creation.

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AP JPEG and the Muscatine PDF – Resolved

The ‘pièce de résistance‘… Color adjusted inside Photoshop… While our poor friend was way off in his speculations about the AP JPEG, I was actually working diligently, one my sidekick Kevin had sent me the jpeg, to repeat the experiment that Hermitian should have done before making poorly supported accusations. Compare this with the Muscatine version (on the right). Not bad for a quick adjustment…

AP JPEG 2012 Muscating

Muscatine PDF and the AP JPEG – Part 2

Remember Hermitian’s hypothesis that somehow, not only was the Muscatine PDF created before ABC news created its PDF (Hermitian had without evidence concluded that Applewhite was somehow the author), but was also created by Applewhite. As I have shown now, a simple workflow again explains the data much better.

Ok, I did the following

  1. Import the JPEG into Adobe Photoshop
  2. Change image resolution to 200ppi
  3. Crop image (rough crop)
  4. Save as PDF – downsample JPEG to 120ppi, high quality, preserve editing and fast load, PDF 1.3 compatible, embedded thumbnail
  5. Extract JPEG

The resulting pdf was 5.8 MB (5,812,654 bytes) and 8.7 × 10.28 inches versus 5.9 MB (5,892,754 bytes) and 8.7 × 10.36 inches for the Muscatine PDF. Not bad since I do not have CS2 photoshop…

Both jpegs are now YCbCr4:2:0 encoded…

Things get more interesting. Matching Quantization tables for the extracted JPEG. I’d say another Hermitian Myth laid to rest. The best 20 minutes of my time so far 🙂

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Tracking the AP JPEG – Introduction

My trusted side kick and fellow contributor, Kevin Vicklund has shared with me his DCSA103 JPEG. The image is 300 ppi versus 200 ppi for the ABC PDF document and 120 ppi for the Muscatine Journal PDF. Hermitian had claimed that Applewhite was the ‘author’ of these PDF’s because his name showed up as the ‘author’ but as I will show, this happens automatically as part of a simple workflow. While our friend is still struggling, I have, in the spirit of scientific inquiry, looked at the actual data.

AP110427018673.jpg was obtained by our friend Kevin from APImages and holds various surprises: First of all the JPEG is not subsampled and secondly, the resolution is 300ppi. As shown elsewhere, the image was created at 8:53AM on April 27, 2011, soon after the press conference had started.

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