Educating the Confused – Hermitian and the JPEG Comment

Our poor friend Hermitian is still struggling with the undeniable fact that the WH LFBC contains an embedded JPEG encoded image files with a comment that shows YCbCr. As I and others have shown the same comment shows up in a Xerox Work Flow. However, Hermitian seems to be struggling with his tools and unable to verify these simple facts for himself.

Reality Check took pity on him and provided him with a link to a Preview encoded Xerox Multicenter PDF which, of course, shows a YCbCr comment tag.

Expect Hermitian to continue to refuse to accept these simple facts, leaving the Xerox Work Flow as an unassailed challenge to the Cold Case Posse, to the extent that the CCP appears to have decided to ignore the findings.

As an added bonus, the JPEG encoded file shows the same Quantization Matrix as the one found in the WH LFBC.


Examining Johanna’s LFBC PDF

Orly has made available a fully unredacted PDF of “Hawaii Girl” Johanna XXXX’s long form birth certificate which was obtained in 1995. Orly is, unsurprisingly, confused about the whole issue and believes that this document was obtained in 2011… Sigh…

But now let’s look at the document in more detail:

122,387 bytes Shasum 5c14e5659931ac3db0278ec4207578bdf59c5a13

PDF Format: 1.4
Media Box: 612×396
Content Creator: Canon iR-ADV 8105  PDF
Encoding software: Adobe PSL 1.1e for Canon
Creation Date: May 4, 2011, 10:17 PM
Modification Date: Nov 25, 2013, 10:01 AM

pdfimages -j Johanna-BC.pdf Johanna creates 4 files

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: a71d0fa7abcbc5dd92a2bcc09d1ee8b1cf0e3443  Johanna-000.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels (lots of white at right side (bottom jpeg))
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4798c65ba40fe11743045ae1ede44f48fceab93e  Johanna-001.pbm
1416×1792 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 678ad4edae3ba01e332b3e102ffc441d02261908  Johanna-002.pbm
554×1040 pixels

Rotated: 90 degrees clockwise
Shasum: 4992b1910c50520847720aea848b69e8da63d398  Johanna-003.jpg
150×150 dpi 825×1275 pixels
Embedded Comment: “Canon Inc”

There are no obvious halos, and unlike the WH LFBC PDF, the gaps behind the bitmap text that is removed is filled with a background color, which obviously reduces the halo effect

Vogt spilling txe beans?

Vogt has been giving several interviews in which he has dropped sufficient hints to determine who he believes to be the forger. And while I am not going to make the name public, Dr Conspiracy and AnitaMaria at the Fogbow, have put the pieces together in an almost trivial manner.

I would like to focus on the claim about the TXE in the stamp since much has been made about the distorted H and yet few have noticed how the same distortion appears in a long form birth certificate obtained by Miki Booth dated March 15, 2011, a few weeks before Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate was stamped (April 25, 2011).

The document in question shows, as pointed out by Butterdezillion, of all people, that there are other ‘distorted’ stamps, certified close in time to President Obama’s.

Butterdezillion: The smiley face and TXE are anomalies but they don’t make sense for a forger to put in a document. Whoever forged the BC would have just used what the HDOH sent, changing nothing except what had to be changed because it exposed the non-valid status of the BC and anything that they thought they screwed up on when making the forgery – like the background pattern. So it seems likely to me that Onaka used the TXE stamp and put the smiley face on the BC and the WH forger dutifully copied it without thinking that it was a red flag put in there by Onaka himself. It escaped Fuddy’s eyes, and it escaped the forger’s eyes.

Again, Vogt has failed, but I believe that his identification of the ‘forger’ has been his worst failure, especially given the fact that a Xerox workcentre workflow explains almost all the artifacts. Is this why Zullo spent 3 weeks in Hawaii?

What is truly hilarious is the following exchange

Hagmann:From my point of view as an investigator, you don’t announce, you don’t telegraph, you don’t post on a blog. You know.

Vogt: “You leave your ego out of it.”

Hagmann: “Exactly”


HT: Gorefan @DrConspiracy

How Vogt ‘spilled the beans’ and telegraphed the ‘forger’


ABC News PDF and the AP JPEG

As I have shown already, a simple statement converts the AP JPEG into a 200 ppi version, with YCbCr4:2:2 and the exact Quantization matrix.

Of course, our friend insisted that ABC news would not be using such a freetoy, ignorant perhaps of the fact that the code is based on the IJG software (Independent JPEG Group) and the same Quantization Matrix also shows up in Irfanview (Windows), GIMP (Windows/Mac) and some other packages.

What was also interesting that I fed the Xerox JPEG to the same software and it failed to find any matches for the quantization signature… This further strengthens the findings of the embedded comment and the quantization matrix as being unique to Xerox or at least a reliable detector.

And so we continue to chip away at the few issues that our friend tries to raise to support his ‘hypotheses’, and which continue to fail ever so slightly…

For helping strengthen the workflow, we should recognize Hermitian as a wonderful contributor.

The tool I am talking about is jpegsnoop and I have run it against:

AP110427018673.jpg  – Save as 09

  • Photoshop

ap_obama_certificate_dm_110427-000.jpg – Quality 77

  • IJG Library  
  • GIMP
  • Others

4db82608b486f-000.jpg- No identification

birth-certificate-long-form-000.jpg – No identification

ABC News PDF in depth

Let’s look in more depth at the data. We already know that it is trivially simple to create a JPEG that matches the JPEG found in the ABC News PDF and that the presence of the original metadata from the AP JPEG should not be confused with the claim that Applewhite somehow created this PDF. Of course, Hermitian is having problem dealing with my findings as they do not agree with his poorly supported ideas. He objects to ABC News using the ‘freetoy’ to make the conversion, totally missing the point that there are many ways to skin a cat, or in this case, to simply reduce the resolution of a jpg. What I found hilarious is how my guess for quality resulted in Quantization Matrices that were exactly the same.

Hermitian wants us to believe that Applewhite created two PDFs, both showing the metadata found in the AP JPEG, one using Photoshop and another using Adobe Acrobat. There is NO evidence that Applewhite was involved in the creation of either document and logic and reason do not help us here either. For instance, why would Applewhite create PDFs for ABC and Muscatine Journal? Why would he be using two different methods? Why would he clean up the color balance of one and not the other. And how did he do this while he was attending the Whitehouse press conferences?

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Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo

Reality check has challenged Mr Zullo

What will Zullo do? He can chose to show how a ‘criminal investigation’ deals with information that contradicts its findings, or he can ignore it.

Either way, Zullo is faced with quite an unfortunate situation of his own creation.

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AP JPEG and the ABC News PDF – Resolved

Our friend Hermitian stepped in it again..

You sure are wasting a lot of time on a dead end NBC. Serves you right for switching your starting JPEG image. Maybe you already know this (and maybe you don’t).

So the bottom line is your workflow doesn’t work. So you have no choice but to back up and use the other larger AP11042717913.pdf image to create the AP NBC News PDF.

Starting with this larger JPEG image one only has to open the JPEG in Adobe Acrobat CC and then save the auto-converted PDF.

It’s really not complicated when you know how to use the high-level Adobe PDF Tools.

The problem is that our friend’s knowledge appears to be limited to high-level Adobe PDF tools, while we researchers have many tool available. Sure, they are open-source and widely distributed…

convert AP110427018673.jpg -density 200×200  -sampling-factor 4:2:2  -quality 77 AP110427018673den.jpg

The resulting file is 200×200 ppi, Image Size : 2698×3234 Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1) and the quantization tables match.

Another myth bites the dust. The AP JPEG can be tracked all the way to ABC News and Muscatine where the editors used different processes to create a PDF and distribute it. For some reason, our friend Hermitian had been confused into arguing that Applewhite was somehow the author of both documents and that the timeline did not make sense. We now know the rest of the story and it all lines up quite nicely, as expected.

#File: AP110427018673den.jpg

Quantization table
Precision=0; Table index=0 (luminance)
7   5   6   6   6   5   7   6
6   6   8   8   7   9  11  18
12  11  10  10  11  23  16  17
13  18  27  23  28  28  26  23
26  25  29  33  42  36  29  31
40  32  25  26  37  50  37  40
44  45  47  48  47  29  35  52
56  52  46  55  42  46  47  46
Estimated quality level = 73.25%

Quantization table
Precision=0; Table index=1 (chrominance)
8   8   8  11  10  11  22  12
12  22  46  30  26  30  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
Estimated quality level = 59.56%
Average quality: 77.55% (78%)

Quantization table
  Precision=0; Table index=0 (luminance)
       7   5   6   6   6   5   7   6
       6   6   8   8   7   9  11  18
      12  11  10  10  11  23  16  17
      13  18  27  23  28  28  26  23
      26  25  29  33  42  36  29  31
      40  32  25  26  37  50  37  40
      44  45  47  48  47  29  35  52
      56  52  46  55  42  46  47  46
  Estimated quality level = 73.25%

Quantization table
  Precision=0; Table index=1 (chrominance)
       8   8   8  11  10  11  22  12
      12  22  46  30  26  30  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
      46  46  46  46  46  46  46  46
  Estimated quality level = 59.56%
Average quality: 77.55% (78%)

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