Zullo meet Woodall

The posting and video, initially published by ORYR have been yanked 🙂 For good reasons… Representative Woodall was shown to totally blow off Zullo’s claims… (Google Cache)

So much for irrefutable evidence… Mission accomplished 🙂

Here is a report


Reality Check – We accept your challenge Mr Zullo

Reality check has challenged Mr Zullo

What will Zullo do? He can chose to show how a ‘criminal investigation’ deals with information that contradicts its findings, or he can ignore it.

Either way, Zullo is faced with quite an unfortunate situation of his own creation.

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The Cold Case Posse – Failed conclusions March 1 2012

— Or the end of a ‘god of the gaps’ argument —

The Cold Case Posse released the following document on March 1, 2012 as a preliminary release of their findings. In it, its experts outline how they reached a conclusion of “forgery”. Note that they never really identified a ‘forger’ other than by claiming that regular scanning processes would not create specific artifacts.

Zullo appears to have understood this when he issued a challenge to show how a simple workflow would indeed create artifacts similar to the ones found in the WH Long Form Birth Certificate.

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Kessler/Taitz v Gallup/Zullo

Exciting new developments.

Kessler has dropped support for Zullo and has fully embraced Orly.

Kessler reported that he was contacted by Sharon (likely Sharon Rondeau)

Apparently, Zullo had a “shit fit” over Kessler’s interview with Orly.

It’s so funny to see the two sides rip each other apart.

‘Chief’ Kessler, a one man police force, has his shows on blogtalkradio

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