The Cold Case Posse – Failed conclusions March 1 2012

— Or the end of a ‘god of the gaps’ argument —

The Cold Case Posse released the following document on March 1, 2012 as a preliminary release of their findings. In it, its experts outline how they reached a conclusion of “forgery”. Note that they never really identified a ‘forger’ other than by claiming that regular scanning processes would not create specific artifacts.

Zullo appears to have understood this when he issued a challenge to show how a simple workflow would indeed create artifacts similar to the ones found in the WH Long Form Birth Certificate.

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Mara Zebest – Preserve editing capabilites

Since many of my findings contradict the claims by the Cold Case Posse and especially the report(s) by Mara Zebest, I have taken some time to point out some of the more obvious flaws:

Mara Zebest  made the following claim

Mara: When saving the file as a PDF from Illustrator, the default setting will Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities—which means it will retain all the object (sub-layer) information within the PDF file. Thus when the PDF file is opened, the layer and sub-layer groups are still available. There’s a very strong possibility that the creator of Obama’s certificate file followed a similar process.

This is a prediction that can be quickly tested and I am surprised that the experts never considered doing the simple experiment.

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Xerox 7655 – Links

The Xerox scan shows objects that are scaled 24% and 48% and rotated -90 degrees. And yes, items do scale as they are of different resolutions. The cold case posse, unaware of how PDF’s work and how MRC can lead to such artifacts, jumped to the conclusion that ‘items will not scale at different sizes during a scan’. Funny how that is so easily disproven, as anyone familiar with MRC could have predicted. In fact, I have previously explained the 24/48% scaling and it is trivial once you understand how PDF’s work… Hint: 72/300 and 72/150 is what exactly?…

Mara Zebest: Figure 23 shows the Link Information for the Onaka stamp object. The important focus has to do with the scale information which shows the object was scaled 24% and rotated -90°. Most of the links show similar scale information except for the background pattern. Figure 24 shows the Link Information dialog box which indicates the background pattern object has been scaled at 48% (instead of 24%). Again, this inconsistency is another indicator of image manipulation that refutes the OCR naysayer argument. If the document is scanned, regardless of whether OCR software was used or not, there is still a consistency in the scanning process (which is not present in this document). Items will not scale at different sizes during a scan.


Xerox 7655 – Layers

Just as Mara Zebest and others have shown for the White House Long Form Birth Certificate, the Xerox 7655 scan also contains layers and a clipping path.

Zebest: In addition to the nine sub-layer objects, a clipping path is at the top of the sub-layer list. The clipping path groups all the remaining sub-layers below.

Mara also may want to revise her claim that:

Zebest: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is not normal, unless the document has been compiled digitally.

Technically speaking, she is correct, the document was compiled digitally by combining foreground layers with a background layer, but it was all done by the software.


Mara Zebest Debunked – Overselling the PDF – Introduction

In her report Mara Zebest writes

I, Mara Zebest, am preparing this report at the request of Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in support of the Cold Case Posse investigation.

The PDF birth certificate document released by the White House (shown in Figure 1) is a completely manufactured and fabricated computer generated image. The same source file was used to print a copy handed to the AP (shown in Figure 2), in which the AP scanned in the version handed to them. A third photograph version (Figure 3) was touted by Savannah Guthrie who claimed to have held and felt the seal on the document, but the original Internet posted images have been scrubbed.

The White House wants us to believe the PDF document started out in printed form on security paper retrieved from Hawaii—but this is not possible. All three versions manifest itself as a printed document only when the PRINT button is pressed from within the original manufactured document file. This would account for the transformation of a document containing different color backgrounds, and the ability to print with or without safety paper pattern (by turning a layer on or off ).

There is no doubt in my mind that this computer generated image never started out as a paper source document and was never scanned in as described by the White House—it was digitally created and manufactured.

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Obama Long Form Birth Certificate – Halos

Zebest and Irey have tried to argue that the halos around the text are caused by a unsharp filter. However, there is a real problem with this: The halo is in the background, while the text is in the foreground, the unsharp filter works on the text layer only, unless the layers are somehow merged down but then the layers disappear.

Remember how Mara Zebest used to show how she ‘created’ a halo around the letters, but on closer scrutiny, the halo shows differences from the halo observed.

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Mara Zebest – Missing the point?

Mara Zebest has a posting at the American Thinker (sic) in which she discusses the primary results in the 2008 elections in Indiana.

We can be thankful for Mara sharing with us her dislike for the democratic party and President Obama, which may help understand better her, in my personal opinion, somewhat poor analysis of the long form birth certificate PDF.

So let’s point out the following and also address some of the confusion at ORYR, where people believe that this somehow directly affects or involved the President

1. Hillary won the Indiana primary

2. One does not need to be listed on the Indiana primary to still win the nomination

3. These were actions by local election and party officials

In other words, much ado about nothing. But then again, so was her analysis about the long form birth certificate. It must be hard for some to accept that our Nation elected President Obama for two consecutive terms…