Don’t Waitz Vote for Taitz

With special credits to Roxy and the Empty Chair


Breaking News – Reality Check unmasks the forger

On Reality Check radio, host RC has managed to unmask the true forger of President Obama’s birth certificate. In the second hour of the show, he received a phonecall in which a full confession was made by the forger, who identified herself by the name ‘Roxy’.

It should be matters of days until the CCP [1] could make its arrest, although there may be some delay to search for proper handcuffs and appropriate transportation… The CCP should congratulate itself for uncovering most of the telltale signs that led to the confession by the forger. They missed a few obvious ones but given their budget and resources, one can understand why they were missed.

Download the mp3 file.

[1] Some have confused the abbreviation CCP with the more famous Clown Car Productions, or Crazy Clown Possie or even the Crazy Clown Pants but we all know what it really stands for