Bend Corner


“That Nordyke-like left bend is a phenomena of a copy being made while the document is still in a bound volume.”

The DOH told WND’s document expert (Ivan Zatkovich) how they created the LFBC.

“A representative of the Hawaii Department of Health described how the copy of the Obama Birth Certificate was produced. She stated that the copy of Obama’s birth certificate was produced by taking the original paper birth certificate, which was black printing on white paper. The original is then placed on the photocopy machine and that image is copied onto green ‘safety paper’. That green copy is then stamped, dated and signed by the State Registrar.”

If not taken out of the bound volume it would be almost the same procedure as used to make photostatic copies back in the 1960’s.


Bluecat6 at the FreeRepublic  08/15/2013

Another non-technical red flag is the Nordyke-like shadowed left bend. That should not be there. Its in the Nordykes certified copies. But for good reason – their COPIES were made in 1965! Well before the originals were scanned into a digital (likely optical WORM) library. Images stored in the digital library are SCANNED FLAT. Except for a very slight bend the images printed on security paper are flat in their appearance. That Nordyke-like left bend is a phenomena of a copy being made while the document is still in a bound volume. To scan them – they unbind them and scan them flat. There has yet to be another example of a LFBC image printed on security paper with a transparent background that looks like Obama’s LFBC. In this regard is truly a only-one-on-this-earth ‘document’.


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