Terry Trussell – Confused Rooster

On the ‘Patriots for America’ website, a Rooster ‘argues

Col. Harry Riley is right, This is a fight that freedom can NOT afford to loose.

Well, then freedom is in a lot of trouble. Of course, since the premise is flawed, I can safely ignore the conclusion. Pfew…

The next chapter in this battle for Terry Trussell is currently scheduled for November 6th when the Dixie County Board of Commissioners meets to decide and announce their decission on whether or not to grant a room in the court house for the purpose of convening a Citizen’s Grand Jury.

The County Board of Commissioner’s decision has no impact as to the legal or rather unlegal nature of the Common Law Grand Jury. Since it appears that the judiciary is in control over access to its facilities, I doubt that anything will happen here.

Florida is a Common-Law State, and in that capacity the BoCC should be obligated to provide the room for a CGJ.

Not at all, Florida is a ‘common-law’ state with many statutes which guide what the BoCC can and cannot do. In this case, the rules are against them.

We will see what happens as that Grand Jury, if convened, could potentially put a screeching halt to Terry’s indictment and all phony charges. Only time will tell at this point, but if that judge decides to proceed after a CGJ has ruled against him, then this thing will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Unlikely, the CGJ has no legal relevance and if the judge ignores, as he will, any submissions by the CGJ, they lack standing and injury. So nothing is going to the Supreme Court, and if it reached the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia would have to educate the CGJ as to the proper status of the Grand Jury and why the CGJ fails. Again, the CGJ is a non-legal entity that has no right to petition the court in Terry’s case. It may file its own lawsuit, and it will be thrown out sua sponte by the Judge. The best outcome is that the Judge ignores it, the worst is when he may have the prosecutor or FDLE investigate the filing. The County Board of Commissioner’s decision is making ZERO impact on the status of the CGJ.

We must pay attention and be aware of what that BoCC is doing. And also for any further developments coming from the judge and the prosecutor.

Yes, ‘we should’… And learn how justice is properly served, not through some imaginary knitting club but through due process. Does our poultry-friend not comprehend that the CGJ is a legal non-entity? Oh wait, let me cite Judge Parker’s wise words:

These investigations occurred in ways that included the convening of a sham assembly of volunteers to act as a so called “common law grand jury” in the stead of the lawful Grand Jury of Dixie County, Florida, resulting in the issuance of more than one simulated “true bill”, signed by Terry Trussell as the “foreman” of that assembly, purporting to indict various individuals, public officials, corporations, and governmental bodies for a cornucopia of offenses (albeit such a document is truly “void ab initio” it must be noted by this Court, and in the interest of a fair warning to those intrigued by the proponents of “common law grand juries”, that the supposed “true bills” issued by common law grand juries apparently do not require finding or at least mention of any particular dates, times or locations of any of these offenses!).

The judge is such a joker… But he is also quite serious…