Trussell – Released on 14K bond

It has been reported that Terry was finally released on a $14K bond, $1000 per indictment, late afternoon October 30.

From the reports of the people present in the court, it appears that Terry had planned to appear in court with a lawyer, who failed to appear. Rather than have the hearing delayed further, the presiding Judge allowed Terry to proceed with his own defense.

Terry argued that he is not a flight risk, is not a career criminal, and is not violent. The prosecutor argued that Terry should be given no bond because of his disrespect for the Court and laws for failing to have appeared.

The issue of ankle bracelets was discussed but Dixie County lacks such devices.

It sounds as if Terry has dropped foolish ‘sovereign citizen’ like attempts to argue, which had led to his arrest at his arraignment where he was prepared to argue that he was a 3rd party representative for Terry Trussell. The judge did not allow Terry to argue such foolishness and when Terry did not announce his personal presence in the court, the court issued a capias for his arrest.

Let’s hope that Terry finds a good lawyer who can get him a plea bargain of no jail time and probation. Terry may wish to pursue a not guilty argument, however he and his friends have done a great job supporting the various elements necessary for a guilty verdict that such a path may be quite risky. Then again, I am not a laywer, so what can I say other than share my personal observations.