Educating Orly

Orly Taitz was back in court after having failed so many times before, to enforce a quarantine against immigrants. The Texas Court and Judge, held another hearing and the Judge destroyed Orly’s remaining hope that she may prevail this time…

The judge observed that Orly likely cannot show standing

Hanen cautioned her that it is “doubtful” that she would have standing to sue based on the Ebola virus.

Regarding her request for a travel ban, Hanen said that everyone needs to keep in mind what is within the province of the court, and what is within the province of the United States Congress and the Executive Branch. Noting that while he might or not agree with a ban, she might have to show him where he would have authority to issue one, and referred to the well-known saying that, “judges are appointed, but they are not anointed.”

Is the judge asking for actual case law?… Poor Orly…

“If you want to go there, you are going to have to show me,” Hanen told Taitz. Taitz told Hanen that he has the right to issue a writ of mandamus to force Burwell to issue an order of quarantine. But Hanen pointed out that the law authorizes, but does not mandate that Burwell issue such orders.

Orly asks a puzzling question… Has she forgotten that she filed a lawsuit?

“Why are we here if you find there is nothing you can do?” Taitz asked Hanen amid his observations. “We are here because you filed a lawsuit,” Hanen told her. “I’ll let you question the witness Dr. Taitz, not me,” he added.


8 hours of wasted resources…