FL – Terry Trussell – Struggling with the reality

At “Patriots for America” (sic), the comments show a significant confusion about what happened and why the magic incantations failed. Some have contacted the Dixie County Board of Commissioners, others are struggling to interpret how the judge could have ruled Trussell’s presence in the court as a “failure to appear”, even though the audio clearly shows that the Judge questioned Trussell who avoided answering the question in the affirmative.

This is good – I think. I hope this Dixie County board does something to step in here and stop this political terrorism.
A question that comes to my mind is that if the judge claims that Terry George Trussell (the subservient slave under this justice system) was NOT in court and thus “failed to appear”,,,,how could they walk six feet across the court room and arrest the MAN Terry Trussell,,, the one who “Failed to Appear”?


NBC: Simple really, the Judge asked if he was Terry Trussell and Trussell responded with avoidance. The Judge was not going to let Terry dictate how the Judge runs his court room and when Trussell continued to refuse to identify himself as such, the Judge ruled that he had failed to appear.

If the “person” the judge was looking for failed to appear how could they arrest the MAN that they did arrest?

This whole game is not in accordance with any form of our Constitution, it is in fact completely separate from anything in our Constitution and is all based on artificial laws which make the people servants and slaves under their laws of the justice system. The masters (We-The-People) have become the servants and the slaves.

NBC: Totally meaningless. As part of the bond, Terry had made a promise to appear. When he failed to properly do so, he was found in violation of his contract.

I hope and pray that Terry has not and does NOT sign any consent forms agreeing to be subject to their legal system and laws. This prosecutor and judge will put him in prison for at least 20 years.  He has stepped on their toes and threatened their authority and questioned their power.

NBC: In a very poor and foolish manner, yes he did, and the judge and the prosecutor are not going to let him get away with it. However, he will still have the opportunity to face a jury of his peers. Of course, the judge and prosecutor may be resisting any pleas.

We – The Patriots For America, and Operation American Spring are the only ones who can and will stand with Terry Trussell on this. The National Liberty Alliance organization does not have any resources to help.

It’s all up to us to get this out into the news and public media.

NBC: Why would the news and media help resolve Trussell’s failures in court? At the root of all of Terry’s troubles lies a foolish Sovereign Citizen belief that has no foundation in law or constitution.

  Reply by Michael Regan10 minutes ago

Your absolutely right Old Rooster, they did not recognize him as a slave of the defacto system, yet they did to arrest him !! The judge just opened the door to expose this whole corrupt system !!! You can’t have it both ways. I think Terry erred in trying to mix de jour and de facto together, like mixing oil and water, but it has exposed the corruption by the judge doing what he or she did. Now Terry has to stick to his guns and those who really know the de jour system need to come to his aide. I’m disappointed in hearing the NLA has no means to help Terry, they should of been planning for this type of situation from day one. There has to be someone out there who can take this on.

NBC: It’s de jure, not de jour. And no, Terry did not expose any corruption other than his ignorance of law and legal procedure. And there is someone out there who can “take this on” and protect Terry from his own follies, but this would require Terry to engage a real professional lawyer. So the outcome will be a predictable failure, and he will be at the total mercy of his jury of peers. Since Terry has provided a well documented overview of his antics, I have no doubt that the Jury will find him guilty. But until then, he is given the benefit of the doubt. His first step should be to not advertise his antics to the police, as such can only be used against you in a court of law. Second, he should get someone who is better schooled in the legal system. The latter is something, I predict, Terry will refuse to consider.