FL – Terry Trussell – Arraignment

Non-verified rumor:

Boots on the ground have reported that Terry’s bond was revoked after he announced he was present, in corporate and in man. It’s very likely that the Judge did not want to play Sovcit games and ruled that he had failed to appear and revoked his bond.

So much for trying to avoid justice…

Let’s see if there are updates on the web…

More and more details are emerging which suggest that Terry went full Sovcit on the court

“Patriots for America” reports that:

Terry Trussell appeared in front of Judge Hankinson’s Kangaroo court for arraignment this morning at the Dixie County Court House.  When called by the Judge Hankinson Mr. Trussell responded “I’m here to address this matter.” Judge  Hankinson refused to recognize him because he was in the audience, not before the bar,  declared he failed to appear in court and  said he was issuing  a bench warrant for failure to appear. The judge fled the court declaring it in recess having the person he said “failed to appear in court” arrested on the spot.
Quick to call a real court a Kangaroo court, they do report that Terry refused to appear before the court. Poor Terry continues to dig himself deeper and deeper.
What a mess of his own creation and the Judge is not taking any nonsense.