Paul Guthrie, Political Prisoner?

A somewhat strange article, even for BR standards,  has appeared on Birther Report describing the travels and adventures of Paul Guthrie aka ‘Jedi Pauly’.

The report ‘concludes’, probably erroneously, that the UK agrees with Guthrie’s interpretation of nbC:

Thus he courageously made his way to England a few days ago, on Oct 1st.  As soon as he arrived in London, he made claim for the protection of political asylum, and the first thing that happened was that the U.K. Immigration officials agreed with his assessment, that Obama is not a natural born Citizen, on that basis accepting his application for the asylum process.  A governmental authority in the U.K. has determined that Obama does not meet the Article II natural born Citizenrequirements!  This is another victory!

Yes, it surely was a victory when they decided to detain him in a Removal Centre and fast-track his application.

From the reports is sounds as if Guthrie went to the United Kingdom and applied for asylum. The British officials placed him in an immigration removal facility called “Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre‘ next to Heathrow airport. Paul tries to explain, why he was placed in the Removal Centre:

I have no intention of becoming a permanent resident of Great Britain. I made it clear to immigration that I came to Great Britain to obtain a court of competent jurisdiction in order to obtain an impartial judge who is not in both a financial and a political conflict of interest, a judge who could examine the U.S. Law and Natural Law rules impartially in order to declare the Law regarding nbC status, in order to expose the criminal fraud and corruption of the unlawful Obama regime, so that Paul Guthrie can be repatriated to the land of his father as a recognized natural born Citizen which will restore his right to a representative government, his right to vote, and his right to a lawful and legal due process, which will relieve Guthrie and millions of natural born Citizens from being subjected to severe and extreme violent religious political ideology persecution which is being levied upon Guthrie and natural born Citizens by the fraudulent criminal political activity directed upon him for no other reason than he is a male who is a natural born Citizen of a Republic form of government.

Apparently, Guthrie overlooked some important consideration, such as the fact that a UK Judge would really not be that interested in reviewing the meaning of Natural Born Citizen status. Or the fact that in the UK, Natural Born, historically meant ‘born on soil’ under Common Law, and later included ‘Naturalized’ under immigration statutes.

It sounds unlikely that the UK will grant Guthrie’s request, which may help explain why he was incarcerated.

You may be detained if your application can be dealt with quickly. This is called the ‘detained fast track’ process.

You’ll be held at an immigration removal centre while you wait for a decision on your application.

You’ll either be:

  • released if you get permission to stay in the UK
  • held until you’re removed from the UK if you don’t get permission to stay

You can also be detained and removed if it’s decided that another country is responsible for offering you asylum.

You may be able to appeal against the decision

The Fast Track Procedure document outlines under what circumstances such a procedure may be invoked:

Where it appears likely that no further enquiries (by the Home Office or the applicant) are necessary in order to obtain clarification, complex legal advice or corroborative evidence, which is material to the consideration of the claim, or where it appears likely that any such enquiries can be concluded to allow a decision to take place within normal indicative timescales;

 Where it appears likely that it will be possible to fully and properly consider the claim within normal indicative timescales;
 Where it appears likely that no translations are required in respect of documents presented by an applicant, which are material to the consideration of the claim; or where it appears likely that the necessary translations can be obtained to allow a decision to take place within normal indicative timescales;
 Where the case is one likely to be certified as „clearly unfounded‟ under S.94 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

He will likely be released in the next two weeks

For DNSA cases, the indicative timescale from entry to the process in the appropriate Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) to decision service will be around 10-14 days. For DFT (NBC: Fast Track) cases, the respective indicative timescales for decision service will usually be quicker. The timescales are not rigid and must be varied when fairness or case developments require it.



5 thoughts on “Paul Guthrie, Political Prisoner?

  1. Let me get this right, Guthrie now wants to be released and allowed to visit the UK. He should have thought about the possible consequences before he applied for asylum…


  2. I suspect the system works like this: Anyone arriving and claiming Political Asylum causes the immigration official to press a button marked “we got a live one here”. Because they said “Political Asylum” the procedures kick in and you go off to the Immigration centre. Note, not because they said “Political asylum because…..” that part comes later.

  3. Do we have any proof independent of the BR that this has actually happened?

    Reason I ask, is the wording of the article sounds too much like someone making a spoof about Birthers. But it is hard to tell, these days.

  4. “Thus he courageously made his way to England ” carries a ironic subtlety that is difficult to attribute to the garden variety Birther. It seems a bit too well written for me to accept as a Birther’s representation of something that might have actually happened. Be interesting to see if it holds up.

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