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Hilarious… Item 1. I do not recognize, nor do I speak for, or represent Terry Russell.


September 2, 2014


In Re: Grand Jury, Dixie County


This Order fails in its establishment of jurisdiction under Statutory or
Common Law and is based on insufficient pleadings, therefore void ab initio.

Let it be known the various personages referred to in your letter: TERRY TRUSSELL and Terry Russell; are not me, nor do I speak for, nor am I responsible for them. As you stipulated:

  1. The cause coming to be heard upon the sworn, written Petition of Jeffrey Siegmeister, State Attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit;
  2. is false, as Siegmeister, accused of numerous felonies in this matter, has no standing outside a Court of Record, and because of his corruption of this jury. (Canon 1. A Judge Shall Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary.) You allowed an accused felon to pervert your judgment and your actions.
  3. You suggest you have been ‘otherwise fully advised in the premises’;
  4. is patently false, as you have no jurisdiction in this matter; therefore you are not privy to the full advice you need to make a just and lawful determination. (Canon
  5. A Judge Shall Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially and Diligently.) You failed to perform due diligence in seeking the truth by demonstrating partiality to Mr. Siegmeister’s fallacious accusations.
  6. And, the ‘Court determining no grand juror has a right to any adversarial hearing…’
  7. is insufficient grounds for your dismissal of a grand juror. No proof is given to the ‘Court’ referred to, is a Court of Record, and that the grand juror being dismissed was not accorded an opportunity for defense. (Canon 2. A Judge Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all of the Judge’s Activities.) You colluded with Mr. Siegmeister in attacking the Grand Jury Foreman, and attempted to hide Mr. Siegmeister’s malfeasance, leaving you professionally and personally culpable. Further, to know of the accusations of Siegmeister’s improprieties, yet fail to act officially, makes you personally vulnerable to charges of Misprision of Felony, Obstruction of Justice, and Violation of Oath of Office.

Item 1. I do not recognize, nor do I speak for, or represent Terry Russell.

Item 2. This issue has no connection to your alleged authority to dismiss a grand juror ‘upon good cause’. There are no prohibitions by Law or by statute to any grand juror’s personal activities so long as they are not criminal or demonstrate poor character. Mr. Trussell stands fit and able to continue in his service as Grand Jury Foreman and denies your charges, and your nullified Order to the contrary.

Item 3. Your assertions of Mr. Trussell’s intent fall outside your possibility of knowing, making them an obvious, total fabrication; additional, clear evidence of your implicit collusion in Mr. Siegmeister’s scheme to do harm to Mr Trussell’s standing with this grand jury and to his personal reputation.

No deception was ever used to gain access to the Dixie County Courthouse. As a resident and taxpayer in Dixie County, Mr. Trussell requested use of the Courtroom without stipulation of objectives, and was granted use of the courtroom without restriction of purpose, by Ms. Dana Johnson, Court Clerk. For you to assert otherwise is proof of your failure to adhere to truth, and your intent to do harm to Mr. Trussell’s reputation.

Your continued reference to a ‘common law grand jury’ is unrelated to me and irrelevant to this issue. It is further proof you are acting disingenuously, with little regard for fact or truth. (Canon 4. A Judge Is Encouraged to Engage in Activities to Improve the Law, the Legal System, and the Administration of Justice.) Your involvement with Mr. Siegmeister in this conspiracy to cover up his malfeasance is in no way improving the Law or the Legal System. You are causing great harm to the Administration of Justice.

Item 4. As Grand Jury Foreman and a Public Official, it is a statutory requirement that the Foreman act on behalf of, and speak for the grand jury. Further, it is the sworn duty of the foreman to preserve the integrity of the grand jury against any attempt to corrupt its operation, its process, or its findings, even if such attempts at corruption are the result of official misconduct by the Court or the State Attorney

Item 5. Your assertions do not support your conclusion. Your claim the grand jury was declared “void ab intio” is not only inaccurate, but intentionally misleading. The jury was not declared void until it was learned by the foreman:

  1. Siegmeister corrupted the jury by having ex parte communications with the jurors;
  2. Siegmeister illegally drew in at least one juror to conspire with him to obtain ‘jurors’ eyes only’ documents; and
  3. Siegmeister repeatedly and inappropriately impressed his unsolicited testimony and legal opinions upon the jury, thereby tainting their objectivity, and disrupting their focus on matters being presented.

The jury foreman did not include himself in nullifying the other jury members because Mr. Siegmeister’s unseemly actions had no impact on the foreman’s judgment, nor upon his resolve to fulfill his sworn duty.

Item 6. The grand jury foreman has made every effort to live up to his Oath, his responsibilities under the Court’s Instructions, Section 905 of the State Statutes, the Grand Juror’s Handbook, and the US Constitution; and he has done so in spite of an incompetent, unprincipled State Attorney and an absent, unresponsive Court of jurisdiction. You may be well-advised to turn your attention to the Court’s and Mr. Siegmeister’s failure to honor their respective oaths and sworn duties, instead of vilifying the grand jury foreman in the responsible execution of his duties.

In conclusion, GREG PARKER, you have no authority to appoint anyone to anything, or take any other action pertaining to this grand jury. You stand recused due to your demonstrated inability to act responsibly in a capacity you unlawfully assumed, nor do you even pretend to abide with fidelity to judicial canons. (As indicated above, there is ample evidence you have violated at least four of seven Judicial Canons in this matter alone.)

GREG PARKER, you allege your Order was predicated on the ‘sworn, written Petition’ of Jeffrey Siegmeister, and since you failed to appropriately append that Petition as an exhibit to validate said Order, it is hereby demanded you submit a true copy of that Petition to Trussell immediately. Further, it is demanded to know why you conducted ex parte communications with Siegmeister and held an ex parte hearing to arrive at your illicit conclusions.

Finally, your reminder of secrecy is hollow, GREG PARKER. There have been no grand jury proceedings under the statutes, due to Mr. Siegmeister’s corruption of the grand jurors and the grand jury process, and your unlawful attempts to exert undue influence and illegal manipulations upon this lawful, independent body.

Terry Trussell, Foreman Dixie County Grand Jury

Signed and sealed this day, September 2, 2014.


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