WA – Sovcit – David Darby’s home foreclosed

The David Darby sage has reached its next stage. His home has been foreclosed on and the new owner will have to deal with Darby’s unwillingness to leave the property. David Darby has been challenging the taxation powers of his county for some time now and managed to build up a significant back log in taxes owed. He has been trying to argue that the 1878 Constitution is the official Washington State Constitution and that the 1889 version was never really officially adopted. I have shown how he appears to be somewhat confused about what happened. Unfortunate to find out that he has gambled it all, and for nothing.

The county’s treasurer’s office sold the property for $63,099. David Darby, who hadn’t paid taxes on his Amboy property since 2008, owed the county nearly $23,000. If the sale goes through, the treasurer’s office expects to recoup Darby’s unpaid taxes from the new owner, along with other fees associated with the auction. The property has a total taxable value of $154,712.

Source: The Columbian