Paul Irey – Delayed hearings

Charles Kerchner, has posted an email by Paul Irey:

Yesterday … the 11th of Sept. 2014 … I was before a judge in the Brooklyn Supreme Court … who had agreed to accept into evidence my proof of forgery of the Obama 1961 long form birth certificate plus identification of the forger herself and the forgery of Obama’s copyright form for his first book in 1995.
The problem was that an assistant NY state attorney general … that was supposed to be my opposition at this hearing … failed to show up.

So we were given another date that will be after the upcoming national elections. New York is a Democrat state and apparently did not want to hurt their chances of getting votes.

I will be returning to the NY court … and this time all the party’s must attend.

Sigh… Paul has established that the similarities between birth certificates issued by the same hospital, during the same time period, is evidence of forgery, rather than accepting the far more reasonable explanation that these similarities show a similar work flow.

Fascinating. So convinced that President Obama must not have been born on US soil, that everything has to point towards forgery.

Meanwhile I am leaving the country to reside elsewhere. I may stay out of the country regardless of the outcome of my efforts … as our national problems are not all caused by this present usurper … that to me seem impossible to solve … mainly due to the tightly controlled media that prevents information such as I have described here from ever reaching you. Fear is not the reason for my leaving. It is disgust with the amazing amount of corruption and disregard for our constitution … and the likelihood of serious “fundamental” changes in the future.

Yes, poor Paul is upset with the directions our country is taking. Such is the voice of the people. If you do not like the political climate then you have a few options. Leaving the country is one of them, the other involves making a relevant contribution to change, and yet another one is join a group of people who are focused on making a difference, locally or country wide. Change all starts with the actions of a single person.


4 thoughts on “Paul Irey – Delayed hearings

  1. Thanks, indeed he does not appear to be much of an expert.

    Has he tried to analyze a known typed document? I guarantee you that will find similar discrepancies, especially on forms.

  2. Hard to tell. I guess the Judge was one of the few who took Irey’s letters seriously and is asking the district attorney for a response.

    Good question.

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