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David Darby is waiting to get his case heard in Federal Court. Of course, he could already have done so, but he somehow believes that he is only injured once his property is taken. He seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands and promotes several concepts such as State of Emergency, US citizenship, Admiralty Court, and the two State of Washington Constitutions. He prefers the earlier one, but ignores that Congress apparently never approved this one.

“It’s all constitutional,” he insists. “Everything I’ve done is constitutional. If it’s not constitutional, then all they have to do is prove it. And I will stop this. I will pay the taxes. But because they have not done this, I would not pay the taxes. And I cannot get this into federal court until I am hurt. So once they actually sell my property, I’ve been hurt. Then I will file in federal court.”


That’s what they are doing right now: Showing how it is Constitutional and how Darby’s claims will fail in court.

He also filed a Federal Complaint in Utah, and the court found it lacked jurisdiction

2010-12-02 22 0 MEMORANDUM DECISION AND ORDER-granting 16 Motion to Dismiss. Plaintiff’s complaint is dismissed with prejudice for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. IT IS SO ORDERED. Signed by Magistrate Judge Paul M. Warner on 12/2/10. (jmr) (Entered: 12/02/2010)

Other cases


2 Darby, David A (pla) wawdce 3:2012-mc-05001 01/04/2012 02/10/2012
3 Darby, David A (pla) wawdce 3:2012-mc-05000 01/04/2012 02/10/2012

Both cases were criminal complaints and quickly dismissed by the court. Darby requested referral to Grand Jury. No action.


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