News – Bogus grand juror is busted

By Jeff M. Hardison © Sept. 9, 2014

DIXIE COUNTY — A 70-year-old man from Old Town who is part of a group that refers to itself as as the “People’s Grand Jury” was arrested Tuesday (Sept. 2) on 10 counts of criminal actions under color of law or through use of simulated legal process, according to a Sept. 8 press release from Dixie County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Scott Harden
Over the past several weeks, Harden noted, there have been meetings of individuals who have referred to themselves as the “People’s Grand Jury.”
This group in no way represent the actual statutory grand jury that serves in each county under Florida Statute 905, Harden said.


It seems that the FDLE filed a sworn complaint and the Judge issued an arrest warrant. So, claims that it was Siegmeister who had Trussell arrested seem to be wrong.

Siegmeister has wisely recused himself from the prosecution, asking the governor to appoint a special prosecutor, per Florida statutes.


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