Harry Riley on the arrest of the former foreman of the Dixie Count Grand Jury

Some people may remember Harry Riley, organized of the failed Operation American Spring, which was supposed to bring millions of people to DC, leading to the arrest of President Obama. Instead, a handful of people showed up. His ‘Chief of Staff’ appears to have been Trussell, who has now been arrested for simulating a legal process after he was dismissed from being the foreperson of a real Dixie County Grand Jury. Mr Trussell apparently not only failed to understand the Florida Statutes and the role of the Attorney General in Grand Jury proceedings, but he also published information about the Grand Jury proceedings to the public, in direct violation of the secrecy provisions of the Florida Statutes.

Well, Harry is not pleased with what has happened:

Terry Trussell was the officially sworn and lawful Grand Jury Foreman in Dixie County Florida since the spring of this year.  The arrest was the product of a brief Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation which was initiated by the request of the Dixie County Sheriff.  Mr. Trussell’s conversation with the FDLE a week prior to his arrest showed the agency’s interest and somewhat misdirected approach to a Grand Jury Presentment.


Did Harry really state that the approach chosen by the “Common Law Grand Jury” knitting club was “somewhat misdirected”? Perhaps he meant to say “illegal”?

At least, Harry admits to the fact that Trussell organized a “Common Law Grand Jury” knitting club and tried to simulate a legal process.

Realizing and understanding how the present jury was now corrupted, Mr. Trussell organized and met with other people in Dixie County and accepted volunteers to form a new Grand Jury.

And provides further evidence of simulation of legal processes

Since that time Mr. Trussell has met with some of the local School Officials and offered to recommend mercy to the Court if they would agree to drop Common Core and recognize former US Supreme Court decisions favoring parents as having the last word on their children’s education.

The case offers some interesting additional options for prosecution, including RICO against the full knitting club. This is going to be very interesting. What I find so fascinating is that when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement met with them, they were convinced that they were acting in a legal capacity and that the FDLE was on their side. Instead, they were collecting the necessary evidence that would lead to the arrest.

Oh the irony:

People’s Grand Jury Update: We had a very good meeting with Sheriff Hatcher this morning. He called the FDLE after we left wanting to know if what we are doing is legal. We spent two and a half hours in FDLE’s office in Tallahassee explaining why we could do what we’re doing, and they could not find anything wrong with our point. That’s as good as an endorsement, to me.

As good as an endorsement… ROTFL… The FDLE is not an advisory body, they are an investigating body…

I sat down with Mark Rains (Supt. Of Ed) and showed him our findings on Common Core; later with Tim Alexander (School Board Chairman). They both took the information and said they will study it more, but no one seemed upset. Tim said it might just be what is needed to help the School Board fight Common Core.  I am getting no pushback from anyone—all seems supportive. So far everyone understands and agrees that something has to be done, and if this is what it takes to get it done, so be it.

So be it indeed… Trying to subvert the democratic process through simulated legal processes is not the way to achieve much of any results, other than the obvious…

Our True Bills have also been submitted to the Florida Supreme Court in Tally to be processed through their Internal Affairs division. Jeff Siegmeister will be hearing from them, soon.

Thanks for admitting to simulating legal processes. Mr Siegmeister indeed has heard from them, and in a rather ironic fashion, he not only convinced the Chief Justice of the Dixie Court to dismiss Trussell as foreman of the Grand Jury but also initiated the investigations which have ended with the arrest of Trussell. To avoid conflict of interest, Mr Siegmeister appears to have recused himself and has asked the governor for an independent prosecutor. Following the law is so much more effective…