Dixie County “Common Law” knitting club

From the document ‘filed’ in Florida Court, it appears that they may have taken the issue to a Federal level as well by crossing State lines.

Because this is a conspiracy that crosses State lines and rampant across America this case is also being filed in New York in the United States District Court for the northern district of New York, bu the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury.

New York also has some relevant laws:

§ 170.45 Criminal simulation.
A person is guilty of criminal simulation when:

1. With intent to defraud, he makes or alters any object in such manner that it appears to have an antiquity, rarity, source or authorship which it does not in fact possess; or

2. With knowledge of its true character and with intent to defraud, he utters or possesses an object so simulated.
Criminal simulation is a class A misdemeanor.