DailyKos – Schadenfreude and the Common Law Knitting Club

If anyone has been following the antics of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) of late, you know they’ve started a common law grand jury movement by which they plan to take over the government, indicting corrupt official by corrupt official, working their way up to President Obama sometime this century.  Actually, their time frame is in the 60 day range, but I don’t think things are going according to plan.  A couple of years ago Larry Klayman tried to indict President Obama for treason via a “common law” grand jury out of Ocala, Florida.  After the humiliating reaction to that, you’d think this movement would have died a quick but painful death.  You’d be wrong.




One thought on “DailyKos – Schadenfreude and the Common Law Knitting Club

  1. If my “memry serves me well” it was just last year that KKKlayman had his Ocala stint ….

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