GA- SovCit – Randall David Due convicted on seven counts

Sovereign citizen Randall David Due was convicted this week on seven counts of conspiracy to file and filing false liens against federal officials, according to a statement issued by the Justice Department on Friday.

Due, of Pelham, Ga., was found guilty by a federal jury in Omaha, Neb. on Thursday and faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for each fraudulent lien, according to the DOJ’s press release.

Prosecutors said Due worked with an accomplice, Donna Kozak, to get back at federal officials who investigated and successfully prosecuted two associates in 2012. Due and Kozak filed a false lien against the federal judge who oversaw the case and then filed five additional liens against the other officials involved in the case, according to the DOJ. Kozak was convicted in August on similar charges.

Source TPM

Remember how a self described “Common Law Grand Jury” was denied meeting with Due 🙂 Did they really believe that their seal or fancy ‘title’ gives them any powers?

19. Fact: On 06/10/2014 Joaquin DeMoreta, Common Law Grand Jury Administrator, Commanded by “We The People” to investigate the criminal case against one People of “We the People”, name Randall David Due, demanded to see Mr. Randall Due and talk with he, in the prison where Mr. Due was incarcerated; CLGJ Administrator investigating the crime was accompanied with Carl Swensson, owner of “”; when the authority responsible, Marshal Bill Bitting were requested to authorize the meeting with Mr. Due, Marshall Bill Bitting refused the Grand Jury Mandate, not authorizing the meeting, and he Mr. Bitting, was inform in that precise moment, of his crime of Obstmction of Justice in the ongoing Crime Investigation by the Common Law Grand Jury of Sheridan County, in the State of Nebraska. See Exhibit 9 page 1

Such fails..