Walt – Audio recording or transcript of sentencing hearing

The P&E has requested the Court to release an audio recording or transcript under FOIA. I am not sure if FOIA applies here as it is more proper to buy a transcript, however, it seems that the court has responded that the cost for such amount to $325.75. That sounds about right and of course, to anyone interested in what was really said during the hearing, especially those who are pursuing a ‘journalistic’ angle, quite affordable as ‘justice has no price’ 😉

Let’s hope that we all will soon be able to be entertained by the transcript and/or audio tape of the sentencing hearing.

The 325.75 however is for the filing of a petition regarding denial of access to records. Darn… Btw it’s not rule 4(a) of the T.R.C.P but rather rule 5A.02(4)(a)

(a) Any pleading or similar document for which a filing fee and/or litigation tax must be paid (excluding the facsimile service charge), including, without limitation, a complaint commencing a civil action, an appeal from the general sessions court to the circuit court, and an appeal to a trial court from an inferior tribunal, board or officer;