Raw Story: Sovereign citizens have wacky new plot to take over government: their own grand juries

Raw Story has a funny article on the antics of the sovereign citizens and their “Common Law Grand Juries” aka knitting clubs, or is the term “prayer circle” more accurate?

He said NLA and the common law grand jury movements were basically libertarian “with heavy Christian influences,” and organizers “think they’ve found a back door into the citadel of tyranny.”

The Anti-Defamation League has identified the common law jury movement as extremist movement that has “already begun harassing local government officials.”

“The common law grand jury is a tactic of the anti-government extremist ‘sovereign citizen’ movement, intended to achieve much the same effect of the vigilante ‘common law courts’ they tried to establish in the 1990s,” said Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research for the ADL.

Source: Raw Story

Focusing on Darash:

John Darash, who founded the NLA in 2011, filed a brief Tuesday in dozens of jurisdictions demanding the courts stop referring to him and his followers as sovereign citizens, calling the designation a communist plot to have adherents deemed mentally ill.

“This is in fact a communist conspiracy to destroy America, not a theory as these tyrants would like uninformed People to believe,” Darash said.

He complained in the filing that the term “paper terrorism” was inaccurate and prejudicial, and then expressed his support for the same tactics described in that way by authorities.

The Nation and “We the People” are watching and laughing at the foolish attempts to circumvent our Constitution. The brief filed by Darash is worth reading… Let’s see how Darash is going to deal with the courts ignoring his irrelevant submissions.