Walt transfered to Bledsoe County prison

Walt has ‘arrived’… He is now in the County facility where he will be serving his 3 year sentence after having been convicted by a jury of his peers for aggravated perjury and extortion. Walt and some of his friends continue to believe that there is some conspiracy and corruption taking place because they fail to understand that under the laws and statutes of TN, the judge gets to appoint the foreperson of the grand jury as the 13th “juror” for a 2 year period of time and that he may re-appoint said foreperson for multiple, consecutive periods. In addition, Walt and some of his supporters, fail to appreciate that the statute which prohibits jurors for serving more than once in a 12 month period of time does not apply to the foreperson since he or she is appointed to summoned.

Walt’s history is full of example in which he refuses to admit to his mistakes. A good example is his court martial.

Walt is rumored to not want to receive any mail or phone calls. This may be a good time for Walt to reflect on who his friends are and what the future holds for him.

It’s never too late to admit to one’s follies and return to a productive life. And to answer the P&E, no McMinn county has not silenced him, that has been his own choice.