DC – US v Class – plea bargain?

In this “show“, Class talks about his meeting with the prosecutor

Rod was offered a deal to entirely drop the D.C. charge if he pleads guilty to the second one, but he would serve no prison time. It sounds like he’s taking the deal.

HT: Gatsby

This would mean that Class can no longer own firearms in North Carolina… A relatively minor punishment for his rather foolish behavior.

Will he take the offer?

He is still trying desperately to file his nonsense in the court, objecting to the fact that the Judge does no longer allow Rod to file his nonsense unless he obtains leave from the court. Rod does not understand that there are limits to any constitutional right…

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  • 8.25.14_Rod_Class_DC_Void_Order_Order_for_Dismissal_74a


2 thoughts on “DC – US v Class – plea bargain?

  1. If he takes the deal, in addition to FOREVER losing his gun rights in NC, he loses the ability to challenge the constitutionality of the “no firearms on Capitol Grounds” law. What to do, what to do? He’s in a real pickle.

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