TX – Taitz v Johnson – Hearing

Orly Taitz is attempting another court case (docket), this time related to President Obama’s “immigration” policies. While she is likely going to fail due to lack of standing, the Fogbow will have “boots on the ground” to report on Orly’s next entertaining visit to a court. The Judge, Andrew S. Hanen, however, does appear to be friendly to Orly’s mistaken beliefs and provided some dicta in U.S. v. Nava-Martinez in which he strongly objected to the practices of the DHS. However, his disagreements with US policy, are of no relevance to the fact that Orly lacks any standing.

08/27/2014 01:30 1:14-cv-00119 23 Taitz v. Johnson et al Miscellaneous Hearing

She has subpoenaed several border patrol agents who she believes to be willing to ‘testify’. Oh boy, such entertainment. Expect filings of treason to follow quickly thereafter 😉

Orly’s FOIA requests, having failed, are also on appeal, however she stands little chance of winning those as the SSA has provided her with the information she requested, even though she still believes that they are hiding some…

She can just not accept that there is no evidence of a Harry Bounel ever receiving social security or that his social security number matches the one assigned to President Obama.