Walt gets 3 years

“Boots on the ground” report that:

Walt got 3 years state prison, taken into custody, Judge Blackwood was furious, used the word “ludicrous” many times to describe Walt’s conduct, his thinking, Irion’s arguments. A district attorney and a probation officer talked to me. Both are friends of the Fogbow. More later, gotta hit the road to be home in time to do RC Radio.

Justice has run its course.

One of his supporters had bragged that:

My name is Field McConnell and I expect that Tennessee will address issues with Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood and vacate any improper judgement(s) against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick. If the State of Tennessee and the County of McMinn continue on this corrupt course I will be filing charges in U S District Court, District of North Dakota against Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 for wrongful death, 2000+ counts, in period 20 January, 2009 to the removal from office of Barry Soetoro. I will not be filing those charges if Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is rightfully exonerated.

Expect another legal filing and failure…


4 thoughts on “Walt gets 3 years

  1. Was this the maximum or a middle of the road sentence? I guess it was inevitable that Walt would have to do time in state prison. He was apparently not going to learn anything from a few brief stays in county jails. We can now look forward to Sharon Rondeau’s moronic string of articles on the Tennessee state prison system and how it is rife with corruption.

  2. Sharon’s understanding of the TN statutes, and laws appears to be quite limited. Instead she appears to be taking the claims of Walt and others without much critical thinking.

  3. Class D Felony – Not less than two (2) years nor more than twelve (12) years in prison. In addition, the jury may assess a fine not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000), unless otherwise provided by statute

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