News Reports on Walt’s conviction

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Judge John Blackwell on Tuesday sentenced Fitzpatrick to three years in prison, with the opportunity for release after he serves 30 percent, or a little under a year. The sentence on each of the McMinn convictions will run concurrently, but consecutive to another conviction in Monroe County associated with a previous case.

Blackwell called Fitzpatrick a “moral coward” and his accusations of criminal wrongdoing among local judicial officials and the president “ludricrous.”


More than 25 people were in the gallery Tuesday to show their support for Fitzpatrick and they broke out into applause as Fitzpatrick was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs, amid a couple of cries of “thank you.”

Quite the support…

U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Walter Frances Fitzpatrick III (retired) was indicted in March on charges of aggravated perjury, harassment, stalking and extortion and convicted by a jury back in June on the perjury and extortion charges. Court officials tell NewsChannel9 the stalking charge was dismissed prior to trial and jurors found Fitzpatrick not guilty of harassment.